Wind Turbines

While Wisconsin lawmakers discuss the Clean Energy Jobs Act, 12,000 residents of the state made their wishes known by sending in postcards.

“The public wants more clean energy and they want it now,” said Dan Kohler, Wisconsin Environment Director. “People in Wisconsin are deeply concerned about our dependence on oil and coal.”

Kohler’s group delivered the 12,000 messages of support to lawmakers considering this energy legislation, which required that 25% of the energy produced in the state come from renewable resources by the year 2025. Kohler says the state needs to act before it’s too late.

“Other states, Minnesota, Illinois, even Texas, are doing more with clean energy and getting more of the jobs that go with it.”

Opponents say lawmakers should let the free market decide when the timing is right. They say the bill is a job killer, and energy prices will increase. But supporters say the state will lost jobs and the cost of energy will go up if we do nothing. An Assembly committee held a hearing on the measure Monday.


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