L.A. Forest Fires: How It Affects California’s Environment

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LA Wildfire Forest Fire CaliforniaThe recent wildfires in Los Angeles have caused many people to wonder what long term effects this natural disaster will have on the area. Although it’s terrible to see families being evacuated from their homes and the tragic loss of life, we must ask ourselves, why is it that the number of forest fires in the Western United States have quadrupled in the past few decades? This statistic seems to be part of a deadly cycle that is only getting worse with time. In fact, reports show that the recent burst in wildfires have pushed ozone past the “legal limits”. In that case, it’s no surprise that these wildfires are playing a factor in climate change – and in some cases, it’s much worse than burning fossil fuels, due to the fact that massive quantities of carbon dioxide are released directly into the atmosphere. One thing is for sure, these fires are a major threat to the community. Good luck to the Los Angeles Fire Department in the coming hours.

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