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    wind turbine

    Ontario Launches New Cleantech Strategy to Combat Climate Change

    Today, the Ontario Government announced a new Cleantech Strategy that will help business in the cleantech sector bring their products and services to market, while also helping the province achieve its greenhouse gas pollution targets.
    Saudi Arabia sunrise

    Sun Rises on Saudi Arabia’s New Power: Solar

    There's a fresh wave of energy coursing through the veins of power in Saudi Arabia – and it isn't oil or gas! The world's largest oil producer is adopting a clean energy strategy built on solar and wind.
    Plastic Bag Ban

    Victoria’s Progressive Plastic Bag Ban Heads for Court

    A Canadian city's plans to ban plastic bags this summer could be reversed after a court challenge was launched.
    Two white electric cars charging at a charging station

    California Targets 2030 for Electric Car Revolution

    Up to 5 million electric cars could be on the roads of California by 2030 as part of a 'clean air' campaign engineered by governor Jerry Brown.
    Solar installation

    Threat to 23,000 US Jobs amid Trump Solar Tax

    Solar tariffs set to be introduced by the Trump administration will come with the loss of 23,000 US jobs in the first year alone, and significant setbacks in clean energy adoption.
    Toronto Waterfront

    Google Building Smart City in Toronto

    Sidewalk Labs, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. has just signed a deal with Waterfront Toronto to create a new kind of neighborhood demonstrating how data-driven technology...

    WATCH: This Tea Party Conservative Knows How to Make Republicans Care About the Environment

    If you thought all Tea Party conservatives and Trump supporters were anti-environmentalists, you'd be mistaken. Take, for example, Debbie Dooley, a co-founder of the Tea Party and a conservative environmentalist. In this...

    The Impact of Trump’s Anti-Environment Executive Order on U.S. Climate Pledge

    Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order, essentially eliminating policies set out by the Obama Administration to protect against climate change. The New York Times has a detailed look at what...

    Why farmers and ranchers think the EPA Clean Water Rule goes too far

    President Trump issued an executive order Feb. 28 directing federal agencies to revise the Clean Water Rule, a major regulation published by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army...
    industry pollution

    Why Trump’s EPA is far more vulnerable to attack than Reagan’s or Bush’s

    For people concerned with environmental protection, including many EPA employees, there is broad agreement: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in deep trouble. The Trump administration has begun...


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