Canadian Politics

Canada is known for its natural beauty, but recent changes in the Canadian political climate have put its environment at risk.

Follow the latest news about environmental politics and policy in Canada to stay up to date on what’s happening in the country’s political climate.

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Canada’s Environmental Record Ranks 15th out of 17

Terrible news for Canada's environmental record today: out of all of the countries in the industrialized world, you are only better than Australia and the United States. Your greenhouse...
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Canadian Federal Election: Environment Highlights

With the Canadian Federal Election coming up this Tuesday, October 14th, it might be helpful to all of our eligible voters to read up on what each party's stance...

Dion Unsteady on ‘Green Shift’ Platform Position

After Stéphane Dion announced his > Green Mortgage">plan for a "Green Shift" in the Liberal policies next election cycle back in June, he's received a fair bit of criticism...
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Canada’s Logging Will Drastically Worsen Climate Problems

Greenpeace is calling for a restriction to be placed on Canada's logging business immediately after a recent report from the University of Toronto. The report finds that cutting down...

Canadian Liberals Introduce “Green Mortgages”

The Liberals are currently the opposition in Canadian Parliament, but with the possibility of an upcoming election looming overhead, the party is taking steps to advance their environmental policies...