Canadian Politics

Canada is known for its natural beauty, but recent changes in the Canadian political climate have put its environment at risk.

Follow the latest news about environmental politics and policy in Canada to stay up to date on what’s happening in the country’s political climate.

Sacred Headwaters

BC bans drilling from Sacred Headwaters

After a lengthy campaign spanning 8 long and tiring years, the Tahltan First Nation and their fellow environmental advocacy groups can finally rest in peace. On December18th, the government...
Randle Reef

Canadian government announces funding for Randle Reef clean-up

The Canadian government has pledged funding to clean up contaminated sediment at Randle Reef in the Hamilton Harbour. Environment Canada says it will lead the cleanup project in partnership with...
Natural gas

Canada’s next big energy investment: Natural Gas

In a new report, the Conference Board of Canada predicts that Canada's natural gas sector could bring in as much as $386-billion in investments by 2035 and, in turn, create...
Northern Gateway Pipeline

Northern Gateway responds to study on B.C. oil spill cost

Northern Gateway is responding to a high-profile study regarding the cost of a potential oil spill off the B.C. coast. The company says the study, by the UBC Fisheries Centre...
Ban fracking

Regulator: Fracking blowout in Alberta caused by wells that were too close‏

A well blowout that spewed nearly 500 barrels of oil and water onto a central Alberta field last January was caused by a company fracking a well too close...

AbitibiBowater wins case surrounding environmental cleanup cost

Canada's Supreme Court has sided with newsprint maker AbitibiBowater, in a case examining a corporation's responsibility to clean up an environmental mess. The nation's high court ruled that AbitibiBowater is...
Ontario mega quarry

Ontario’s “Mega Quarry” plans dropped

Wednesday marked a great day for local farmers in Ontario, as the plan to built a "mega quarry" in Melancthon Township was dropped. The company behind this controversial project,...
Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Sells Sea Areas to BP for Oil Exploration

Once more, Canadians are feeling the effects of a staunchly pro-fuel administration as BP is awarded Atlantic sea areas in order to locate and excavate offshore oil. In a...
masked rioters at Toronto G20

Canada’s Anti-Mask Bill Affects Rioters, Activists Alike

The Canadian Government has recently passed a bill that will affect all future protests in Canada. The Canadian House of Commons recently passed Bill C-309, officially banning protestors from...

Ontario receives a C+ grade in responsible consumption

It’s not the greatest mark out there by any means. But Ontarians have earned a C+ when it comes to responsible consumption, according to a new index of consumption...


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