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Recently, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme, Achim Steiner, came to Ontario to discuss his department’s ground-breaking report, “Towards a Green Economy“, that dispels the the fundamental fallacy plaguing Economic policy: that the economy and the environment are at loggerheads, if we want gains in one, we sacrifice loss in the other.

As, Steiner explains, a Green Economy will not result in a loss of jobs or economic growth – on the contrary, it will serve to strengthen and bolster our flagging economy. We just need a little capital upfront to give the shift to a Green Economy a nudge in the right direction. (How much is this push? 2% of worldwide GDP – yeah, I know, that is a substantial sum of money, but a large capital investment with expected returns in the long-term (i.e 5 years), is not an uncommon occurrence in the business world).

Check it out below:


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