Canadian Liberals Introduce “Green Mortgages”

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The Liberals are currently the opposition in Canadian Parliament, but with the possibility of an upcoming election looming overhead, the party is taking steps to advance their environmental policies in ways to help Canadians pay off their mortgages. The basic outline of the plan is that, by upgrading their houses to use less energy, homeowners would get a break on their mortgage payments. Although this is one of the main contenders for a new green policy to encourage Canadian citizens to join the “Green Movement”, party officials say there are other options, for example to promote public transit, that are also being discussed.

By making homes more energy efficient, the Liberals plan to help homeowners save money, and provide a bank endorsed incentive to upgrade their homes where they otherwise wouldn’t for financial reasons.

Although the federal government currently offers grants to those who upgrade their homes with energy saving facilities, this plan would have added weight because of the support from the banks.

The plan is nowhere near set in stone, but in the coming months it should be expected that a new environmental plan with added incentives will be introduced by the Liberals, and may become a cornerstone of their campaign in the next federal election.


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