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    Canada is known for its natural beauty, but recent changes in the Canadian political climate have put its environment at risk.

    Follow the latest news about environmental politics and policy in Canada to stay up to date on what’s happening in the country’s political climate.


    Canadian Pipeline to be Bought Out by Canadian Government

    The Kinder Morgan aka Trans-Mountain pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific coast is controversial due to resistance from environmentalists and indigenous groups.
    wind turbine

    Ontario Launches New Cleantech Strategy to Combat Climate Change

    Today, the Ontario Government announced a new Cleantech Strategy that will help business in the cleantech sector bring their products and services to market, while also helping the province achieve its greenhouse gas pollution targets.
    Plastic Bag Ban

    Victoria’s Progressive Plastic Bag Ban Heads for Court

    A Canadian city's plans to ban plastic bags this summer could be reversed after a court challenge was launched.
    Toronto Waterfront

    Google Building Smart City in Toronto

    Sidewalk Labs, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. has just signed a deal with Waterfront Toronto to create a new kind of neighborhood demonstrating how data-driven technology...
    Barack Obama

    North American Politicians Talk a Lot About Environmentalism, But Certainly Don’t Show It

    The most powerful man on the planet, and his next-door neighbor have given numerous speeches talking about the need for environmental policies and practices. However, neither act on those...
    wind turbine protest

    What’s With Anti Wind Farmers?

    Long before we even knew we could capture the Sun’s rays to power our gadgets, someone clever discovered the power of the wind. Windmills were used as early as 200...
    Thames River, London, Ontario

    Stop Pouring Infrastructure Money Down the Drain

    Almost every time it rains, the City of London, Ontario dumps raw sewage into the Thames River. Which means human waste flows into the Great Lakes, from where Londoners and...

    San Francisco, Ottawa lead over Vancouver in Sustainability

    The Pressure’s on: Will Vancouver Be Greenest City by 2020? You can almost hear Mayor Robertson’s pressured gulp echoing against the city’s North-facing mountains. A Toronto-based media and research company for...
    Impact of U.S. eggs on B.C.

    Eggonomics: How Hopping the Border to Buy U.S. Eggs Impacts the B.C. Economy

    Living along the border edge like the majority of Canadians do, we become accustomed to taking  opportunity to skip down to the States for the advantage of cheaper shopping....

    #WaterWeek in Canada

    March 18-24 is Canada Water Week. Not only is this precious commodity essential for life and the make-up of at least 60% of the human body, but it is embedded...


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