china green technology

Although the country is widely known for its terrible environmental policy and pollution-filled skies, a new report by the WWF shows that China has the fastest growing rate of green technology adoption in the entire world, at 77% per year.


China’s 77% increase in Green Tech

Last year, China earned the equivalent of $63 billion USD, which is 1.4% of its GDP. Comparably, a country like Denmark that has been using wind turbines to generate energy for years only earned approximately $9.4 billion. The US was at around 45 billion.


Why China is ahead of the Western world

As strange as it may sound, analysts believe this is because the Chinese have simply come to terms with climate change as the new reality. While many Americans are still arguing over the validity of scientific proof to back up the “global warming” claims, the Chinese view the green energy sector as a market waiting to be tapped, and they have pursued it rapidly.


Why the US should follow China’s lead

Now just think of the change we could see in the United States if people stopped arguing about climate change, and acted on green energy. Hopefully after Barack Obama’s announcement that the United States will push for clean energy, we will follow the lead of the Chinese, and the West will also reap the rewards of clean energy and green technology.


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