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Mexico Tourism is starting to go green ahead of Climate Change conference to be held later this year.

Latin America is widely viewed as the cradle of ecotourism even until recently, most of Mexico’s protected areas were simply off limits to tourism.

Keeping popular destinations such as Cancun beautiful is a task that one local company – Palace Resorts – takes very seriously.

That is why they have become the first in the region to sign up with EarthCheck the environmental sustainability program that is raising the benchmark for certification.

Managed by EC3 Global, EarthCheck helps businesses in the travel and tourism industry monitor, measure and manage their operational efficiencies.

The programs science is used by more than 1,000 organizations in over 60 countries and requires adherence to the highest of scientific standards.

Many of the Palace Resorts properties are found in the state of Quintana Roo, where a larger percentage of Mexico’s parks and reserves are found. Twenty percent of the region is environmentally protected in some fashion.

However Mexico is reliant on companies to take an active interest in maintaining Park preservation, as they do not have the budget to do so entirely themselves.

“Since starting the Palace Resorts brand 25 years ago, we have been keenly aware of the need to preserve the beauty of the destinations where our resorts are located,” said Roberto Chapur, President of Palace Resorts.

Caring for the environment also means caring for the people, so the establishment of The Palace Resorts Foundation, was a natural place for us to start.”

The EarthCheck program focuses on ways to increase operational efficiencies in order to minimise environmental footprints. A proven system used by the best in the trade, EarthCheck relies on its network of third party auditors to verify compliance to the EarthCheck standard and maintain brand integrity.

Later this year, leaders from around the globe will arrive in Mexico for the COP 16 Event. They will be discussing the environmental challenges facing their countries and looking for ways to address the concerns of business.


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