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The city of Zhengzhou, China is currently in the midst of a major environmental crises after well-intentioned plans to build an artificial lake in the area backfired when the source of the water dried up, leaving an area as large as four football-fields covered with sand ten metres high. The sand was originally dug up to make room for the water, but with no water in sight and piles of sand in the area, high winds have created a nightmare for residents.

According to Oddity Central,

What was supposed to be a green landscape has turned into an ecological disaster. Dragon Lake is now surrounded by huge dunes made of loose, drifting sand that is killing the vegetation in the area. The sand is also carried into the center of the city on hot and windy days, ruining cars and forcing people to wear face masks.

Zhengzhou desert

So, don’t expect to go swimming anytime this summer in Zhengzhou.

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