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    solar roof

    Solar Sheeting and Shingles: the Future of Solar Technology

    The current situation for adding solar shingles to a roof is costly, unsightly, and overall far too expensive in comparison to traditional energy sources. But a new technology being...
    Al Gore

    Al Gore’s New Climate Change Ad Campaign

    Since Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Prize last October, he's been quiet about what his next steps are in his fight against global warming. In his appearance with his...

    Cleaner Driving: Compressed Air Vehicle

    The self-proclaimed "World's Cleanest Car" is just that - a vehicle that is entirely pollution free. At low speeds, the car outputs cleaner air than it takes in,...

    Masdar Headquarters: Solar Building or Power Plant?

    The newest addition to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is going to be built backwards - so that the solar roof can generate the power needed to complete...


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