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    ABB and Volvo to electrify Gothenburg’s city streets - Image courtesy of ElectriCity

    ABB and Volvo Electrifying Public Transportation in Gothenburg

    Volvo and ABB are set to introduce eco-friendly electric buses in the streets of Gothenburg, Partille, and Molndal in 2020.

    Electric batteries: the future of transportation

    How do we tackle climate change and global warming? One way could be adopting newer technologies especially in one major area: Transportation. Here's a look at some of the best electric battery technologies.
    drinking water

    4 Contamination Sources Polluting Our Drinking Water

    Drinking contaminated water poses a great health risk. Here are some of surprising sources of water contamination.
    New York City

    The Low-Down on New York City, and if it Really is Going Green

    Everyday, global climate continues to break records in terms of temperature, with scientists now on a perpetual state of red alert. Moreover, the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental...

    The Negative Effects of Artificial Light on Wildlife [Infographics]

    Not only is artificial light damaging to our health, contributing to light pollution and using a huge amount of energy, but it is also dangerous to the survival of many species of wildlife, too. Learn here how you can curb the harmful effects of artificial light on wildlife, and in your own abode as well.

    5 Reasons Laser Technology is Better for the Environment

    While many people don’t associate laser technology with environmental health, lasers actually offer many ecological benefits over their competitors.

    5 Top Celebrity Champions for Green Living

    Green living is becoming a popular trend among A-list celebrities, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt. But we rarely fixate on their contributions to the natural world unless they are Jane Goodall or David Attenborough. Here are five top Hollywood celebrities doing good for all things green.

    How to Make Your Coffee Shop More Sustainable (Infographic)

    How can you make your coffee shop more sustainable? Take a look at this helpful infographic to find out!
    faraday future

    Electric Vehicle Start-Up Faraday Future Receives $2B in Funding

    Towards the end of last year, Faraday Future was said to have secured some fresh source of funding. The electric car start-up has now confirmed receipt of $2 billion to aid in the construction of its first EV by the end of the year.

    Hyundai Will Use “Second Life” EV Batteries to Store Energy

    Hyundai is partnering with Wärtsilä, a Finnish energy storage firm, to make use of the so-called second life electric car batteries for stationary energy storage.


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