#BringYourOwn Klean Kanteen & Save the World One Sip at a Time

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#BringYourOwn is the brainchild of Klean Kanteen, a company wholeheartedly devoted to reducing environmental waste, and preserving our planet. Best known for their durable, stainless steel canteens, Klean Kanteen is now shedding light on the huge amount of waste created from disposable cup usage.


Why You Should #BringYourOwn

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The worldwide statistics are staggering. According to Klean Kanteen, every year the average person is responsible for almost 130 disposable cups. Even worse, the average American family unit chucks around an entire carload of plastic bottle waste every thirty days. These disposable, non-biodegradable cups and bottles find their way into landfills, and end up polluting the environment.

The #BringYourOwn Project has found a simple solution to this major environmental dilemma: bring your own bottle to cut down on disposable cup usage.

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If we could eliminate all the waste generated by plastic bottle usage, we would lessen global waste by around 10%, and leave a much healthier planet for the next generation. Klean Kanteen wants you to #BringYourOwn because they understand that without a clean world, our future prospects as a species are bleak.

When it comes to what kind of bottle you should bring with you, obviously a Klean Kanteen product is a great choice. The Klean Kanteen products don’t contain lead or other harmful additives, and the company works diligently to ensure its manufacturing processes don’t inadvertently add to the global waste crisis.



Klean Kanteen wants you to #BringYourOwn because it is the conscientious thing to do. And to help kickstart the #BringYourOwn movement, we’ve partnered with Klean Canteen to give away one 20 ounce insulated classic Klean Canteen bottle ($30 value). It’s BPA-free, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and iced for 24. Perfect for biking, backpacking, or hitting the gym.

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