In Search of Our Soul: On the Very Edge of an Unimagined Frontier-Bio-photons

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The Science Fiction fanatics must be going nuts with this latest research finding. Actually, it’s not so new; but ‘they’ have been verified over and over again, these past twenty years or more. I am talking about Bio-photons-LIGHT!

And, why are they called ‘Bio’? Because they are emitted within the strands of our DNA. We give off light when we are born and when we die. Light enters at birth and leaves at death. Can it be any simpler or sweeter?

The future applications and ramifications will astound and amaze even the most critical of sceptics! Environmental, medical, biological, healing, feelings, consciousness, energies, illnesses and diseases, healing modalities, all will be dramatically and inevitably affected by this research theory.

We are talking about a major paradigm shift here; more specifically, a ‘quantum leap’!

We may never get sick again. Because, we will know through the application of these bio-photons what in fact ‘good energy’ is; and that ‘good light’, as opposed to less light, less energy, less bio-photons, is not so good. As a diagnostic tool, this will become the new way to measure and enhance your health and vitality, even longevity.

Only a small number of quantum physicists and even fewer bio-molecular physicists have known about these bio-photons for the past few years. Mostly in Germany and Russia.

biophotonsBio-photons are specifically considered to be ‘ultra weak’ photon emissions. Weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit them constantly. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they can finally be observed and measured-qualitatively and quantifiably!

So what, you may be wondering? How will or does this affect me now? Who cares?

Sorry to say, you better care, because your very Life depends on these strange and perhaps not so mysterious ‘quanta’. Please, allow me to unravel this mystifying marvel for you, one fascinating and intriguing step at a time. So that, the monumental significance of this discovery, personally to you, is not lost amid the Science, or its nomenclature.

I spoke earlier about future applications; I gave a few generalized examples; allow me to get a bit more specific, you know, step by step. It will revolutionize the fields of biophysics, biomedical science, biology, biotechnology, environmental science, food technology, and as already mentioned-our health and longevity!

Are you starting to see how this may relate to you?

These bio-photons are stored in the cells of the organism, within the DNA molecules of their nuclei. Every living cell has them! They are constantly being emitted and absorbed in a dynamic dance of what can only be described as sentient, conscious communications.

Theory has it, that these serve as the organisms’ main communications network-cells to the organelles, and to other cells, to the tissues, and to other organs. They are also considered to be the main ‘unifying principle’ regulating all life processes!

If you don’t know what these next few words are, then you better go look them up while you continue to read. They are-morphogenesis, growth, differentiation, and regeneration; and are all explained by the structuring and regulating activity of this dynamic bio-photon field. It doesn’t get any stranger than this…or does it?

Even the esteemed neurobiologist Karl Pribram with his ‘holonomic model’ theory of our brain and it’s processes, considers that our brain does not just operate on what has been known as circuitry; but, that a higher processing also occurs within this intricate webbing, the fine fibre branches-dendrites that form its webs.


These matrices of interconnectivity and bio-photonic communications create what can only be described in order to be better understood, as using ‘holographic’ wave manifestations. The same kind of waves that physicists use in holography. Information wise, holograms can store massive amounts of data; exponentially, much more than our conventional computer capabilities can presently provide.

It gets even better; the verification of bio-photon emissions may finally explain the missing science behind homeopathy, acupuncture, and the “chi” energy flows within our bodies. These energy channels-meridians are at the basis of all Chinese medicine. It appears that they are in fact node lines of the organisms’ bio-photon field.

It may also explain the ‘prana’ of Indian Yoga, and the regulating of this energy force within our bodies, physiologically speaking.

Well, I had better stop right here, or I’ll end up spilling the beans on the next part of this strange story…as we go in search of our Soul….


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