For Fungus Sakes: Can this Magical Mushroom Actually Save Us?

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mycelium mushrooms

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With questionable uncertainty, we cautiously cast our hope toward a new horizon. Hoping against hope that we may indeed, be able to face our final fates: The waste, pollution, and contamination of our Air, Water, and Soils. Desperate for solutions, both the Government and Private Industry have already misspent billions to clean up after the fact!

Billions can still be saved; as well as millions of lives in the process; if only, we could deal with our trash, and the by-products of our careless consumption.

Finally, an unexpected solution has emerged from the most unlikely of sources – MUSHROOMS!

Specifically – Mushroom Mycelium.

This amazing mushroom has the unique ability to biodegrade and detoxify a wide range of wastes, contaminants, and pollutants within our environment.

Already considered to be one of nature’s most miraculous scavengers; they flourish in the forests, where they grow in the soil, as well as on the bark of decaying trees. These mycelia, the fruit of the mycelium mushroom, break down and recycle nitrogen, carbon, plant matter, and even animal wastes. Their final product is rich “energized” soil!

Leading mushroom explorer Paul Stemets discovered that this particular mushroom did more than just create rich soils. They could also be used to break down and bio-degrade hydrocarbons-which are at the basis of most of our industrial pollutants.

His research didn’t stop with agricultural benefits. The mushroom revival extends to environmental cleanup. These remarkable fungi detoxify contaminants, from biological agents to metals and nuclear waste. They’re nature’s cleanup crew.

This radical approach surpasses conventional methods, avoiding the blunders and costs of the past. Take the Exxon Valdez spill as a grim example; they’re still dealing with the aftermath after more than thirty years. It’s a tragic, toxic, and costly ordeal.

It should be a ‘no brainer’ by now; that is of course, if the chemical industry has anything to say on the matter! Chemical solutions, and heat by way of incineration, are not workable, ethical, environmentally sustainable, or cost-effective solutions- any longer. They only create more chemicals and compounds that we eventually have to further dispose of…ad infinitum!

When will this molecular madness stop?

mushrooms in the ecosystem

New natural alternatives must be introduced!

To continue our story…within the soil, nature’s most efficient ‘alchemist’ can somehow absorb and transmute the toxic compounds within this soil; including, the surrounding dirty or contaminated water. It acts as a filter, firstly to remove any beneficial material; and then, it releases enzymes to break down the remaining toxic waste by-products. Very efficiently; and with zero toxic remains!

Mycelium plays multiple roles in the Plant Kingdom. It makes up about 10 percent of all healthy soils. They also directly add to the resiliency of trees against drought and disease. And, as a natural pesticide, only tobacco can beat its’ natural and dynamic effectiveness.

Is this magical mushroom the solution to our pollution problems? They may very well be….

I truly hope that we can begin to herald a new era of Natural and Raw solutions to our pressing global problems. One solution has already become crystal clear, our future fate as a planet may entirely rest on this sacred and strangely named MYCELIUM mushroom.

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