Getting Active for Parents

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It’s a fact that children are more inclined to exercise when their parents are active. Fitting exercise into your busy lifestyle might seem a bit overwhelming, and the time is never right.

After an exhausting day of children, work and chores, the likelihood of either parent wanting to exert more energy is unlikely to say the least. The old gym and running route might not be so appealing, so what can you do instead?


Get Cycling

Cycling is easier to start than you think. Finding a bike need not be expensive either; take a look on eBay or rent one for a day or two just to try it out.

If you can manage to cycle to work or go on family cycle rides once a week you will really notice the difference. If you get worried about the roads, visit Sustrans to find a family-friendly cycle road near you. There are plenty of them with tracks leading though wonderful countryside views!


Make Wiser Choices

Find out if there is a gym that nearby to your work that you can visit on your lunch break or, if you only get half an hour for lunch, go for a walk round the block with your desk buddy. Take the stairs, offer to help carry things and make sure you get up at least once every couple of hours to stretch your legs.


Try Something New

Wakeboarding, skiing, archery and swimming are all great options for you to have some healthy fun with your partner, friends or family. This whole ‘being healthy thing’ doesn’t have to a chore and can open you up to new hobbies!

Don’t feel selfish if you choose to try something new on your own either, it’s important for parents to have their own hobbies and the kids don’t have to come along for everything. Dad’s Sunday jog or Mum’s yoga class are just as important as the children’s football club.


Get Everyone Involved

Restricting TV was the best rule I ever made for my family. Nights aren’t meant to be spent gawping at the box.  It can be relaxing and needed at times but not every evening and not all weekend long.

Switch it off and your family on. Leave the car for the weekend and walk to the park. Get involved with playing on the climbing frames and the swings!

Getting active is a must for any parent to stay sane, have something for themselves and set a good example to their children. Dusting off an old bike or tennis kit from the shed will pay dividends in the future. Just thirty minutes of cardio and a good stretch is all it takes to get started.

What easy ideas have you tried out that have helped you become more active?

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