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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women in the United States, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer.

Only very few species aside from humans develop the disease. So why do so many animals end up suffering because of a disease they don’t naturally develop?

Because of its devastating effects on families facing the loss of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends, a lot of money is channeled into finding a cure.

According to the NY Times, breast cancer research receives the most public funding per new case.

Much of this funding is channeled into animal research in an attempt to find a cure for breast cancer. And when facing the very real threat of losing a mother, using almost any means to desperately save a loved one will seem acceptable.

But those of us who can’t bear to see any creature suffer, be it human or animal, have a hard time supporting cancer research charities because many of them support the use of animals in research.

Much of the approach of the “war on cancer” has been to find a treatment for cancer. Meaning healthy animals are purposefully given cancer and then injected with drugs to see if their cancers respond.

Breast cancer organizations have raised more than $2 billion over the past two decades and there is still little hope of a “cure.”

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is looking for another strategy in the “war on cancer.” Using only the real deal – that is, humans – this organization is changing the face of breast cancer research by doing research on, well, human breast ducts.

Is Killing An Invasive Species Animal Cruelty?

And right now the Puma Project Pink is taking votes for a contest to benefit a breast cancer charity. The winner will receive $120,000 in research funding.

You can visit the site and vote for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to help women and help the animals who will suffer if that money goes to a charity using animals in its research.

The goal of the Army of Women, (a partnership between the Avon Foundation for Women and Love’s foundation) is “to challenge research scientists to move from ineffective animal models to breast-cancer-prevention research conducted on healthy women,” according to an article appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

According to the Chronicle article:

If we could better understand the factors that increase the risk for breast cancer, as well as methods for effective prevention, fewer women would require treatment for breast cancer. But animal experiments do not offer reliable and reproducible findings that can appropriately be applied to women. Whereas animal research is largely investigator-initiated, the Army of Women model tries to address the questions that are central to the care of women at risk for or affected by breast cancer. The model has facilitated the recruitment of women for studies such as a national project backed by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health to examine how environment and genes affect breast-cancer risk. This critical study, which began in 2002, could not have been accomplished with animal research.

It’s never been easier to do a good deed for animals and for the women we love.

‘Hypocritical’ Treatment Towards Animals: Anonymous for the Voiceless Share Shocking Comparisons Made by Activist.


Tina is a journalist and mother of three who's lived all her life in the South Bay of Los Angeles except for a two-year stint in the heart of Spain. She believes humans have the capacity to make this a beautiful world for all species to live, and mothers have a special charge to raise their children to enjoy, love and respect all creatures.


  1. Breast cancer has had some of its biggest advances thanks to animal research. 5-year survival rates are up over 30% from 3 decades ago ( Three if the biggest factors have been:
    Chemotherapy – developed using mice models of tumours
    Tamoxifen – developed using rats
    Armatose Inhibitors – developed with mice
    Herceptin – developed using mice, but is in fact a humanised mouse antibody

    Animal research is saving millions of lives around the world
    p.s. the picture is of cosmetic testing, not animal research for medicine

  2. PLEASE, PLEASE I am begging whoever can change whats going on with these wild horses to STOP THE MADNESS!!!! We have enough to eat WHY does anyone need to eat horse meat????? Dont’ we do enough damage to chickens,pigs,cows etc why do we have to now bring horse meat into the market!!?? I am a vegetarian BECAUSE of the cruel way factory’s treat animals that become food so I made a pledge years ago to NEVER PUT A PIECE OF ANIMAL IN MY MOUTH…many others I know have done the same and for the same reason, I beg you all to leave the wild horses and unwated horses to live their lives in freedom or at a sanctuary…It’s so unnesessary STOP, STOP, STOP LEAVE THEM BE….WE HAVE ENOUGH TO EAT AND DON’T NEED TO ADD OUR DOMESTIC ANIMALS TO THE TABLE

  3. Ok, my computer did a switch on me and I was suppose to be on the wild horse page…BUT the same goes bor these rabbits, FIND ANOTHER WAY AND STOP ABUSING LIVING,FEELING ANIMALS for research…My mom died of breast cancer and I have the genetics to get it myself BUT I am telling the truth I WOULD RATHER DEAL WITH IT IF I GET IT THAN TO KNOW ANIMALS SUFFERED FOR ME!!!! True and honest feelings, no kidding, no front, NO…I will always fight for animals because they can’t help themselves…living in Rhode Island and sick to deatch of knowing the pain and agony that animals go through because of us……

  4. Debra, do you mean to say you wouldn’t take the anti-cancer therapies and medication available? Because a massive proportion of treatments (you know, the ones that work) were tested on animals.
    Don’t you think scientists are looking for ways to develop new technology? That’s what science is about – innovation and increasing understanding.
    The animals kept in testing facilities are looked after better than pets. Seriously.

    • There is no chance that I would take the medicine that was made by testing it on animals, I am not kidding not even a little. I have had it with all the testing,abuse,neglect,starvation,circus abuse,hunting etc. and if anyone knows me it’s my husband and he would tell you how serious I am. Because my mother died of breast cancer we have discussed all of this. I am a vegetarian for the very same reason, i don’t buy leather shoes, all of it….lock stock and barrel I have had it….My dogs have been the only constany in my life, i have 2 daughters that at one point both didn’t speak to their father or me and now one daughter is close but it will never diminish my love for animals and I have told my husband that I want to be cremated with every animals that I have had that has passed on. I am not afraid to die because I know my GOD, he is great and soverign and when HE decides it’s time I am not fighting it. May sound extreme BUT in life I have done everything I could to defend animals I am not going to use them when I am dying to help me live in this GOD awful world…no joke

      • Ymmärrän todella hyvin sinua ja olen kiitollinen sinulle, että et vaadi eläinkokeita,
        vaan ymmärrät että on hoitovaihtoehtoja.
        Tunnut myös ymmärtävän että meillä kaikilla on aikamme, vaikka joskus on raskasta ja vaikeaa.
        Vegaani tai vegetariininen ruokavalio on todellista terveyttä, fyysisesti ja psyykkisesti, siis oikeaa terveyttä ihmiselle ja eläimille !!! Kiitos.

    • Hana,

      Are you a Vet Tech? Veterinarian? Research Lab worker? Where are you getting your “facts”? Your last line has me flabbergasted! REALLY? WOW, across the board you say?

      Ever been to a Noxious Gas Beagle Testing Lab? I have a strong feeling the Beagles in those labs feel quite differently than you…especially considering the experiments are deemed a success when 55% of the Beagles succomb to death by inhaling caustic, fatal and noxious gases to test products. Do you also know why Beagles are the canine of choice for these hideous tests?

    • Hana, informe yourself about these tests. Did you know that most of these tests brings nothing to humans? Did you know that many people are dying from the wrong results from these animals tests? Did you know that we could stop with most of the testing, and use alternatives, that are already being used by some companies? Yes in the past we need it animals, now we don´t. I know people who heakled from cancer with none of these therapies, very interesting staff, that does not come into making the news. They are stopped and treated as if they are not telling the trueth. Things are changing out there. But to go faster we could stop supporting testing on animals. There are other ways, if you really want to find them. Chemo kills most of the patitients by the way.

      • cite your sources that these alternatives preform just as well and that AR brings nothing to humans. If AR brings nothing why are cancer mortality rates dropping like a lead balloon? Just because you know people does not mean that they are average or that your anecdote says anything about actual success. Show me some studies

  5. the only model for a human is another human
    cancer has been cured in mice 100ds of times
    dont be fooled killing only leads to more death
    protect life, prosecute those that seek to destroy our shared home and our fellow beings
    life has value beyond measure
    Peace and Love
    *********** WALL OF SHAME ************
    ┬┴┬┴┬┴ The Wall ┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴
    DEMOLISH ——>>>>> THIS WALL !!!!

    • Hyvä Micheal olet hieno ihminen on totta että ei toisen tappamisella toista pelasteteta ! Toivon että olen ymmärtänyt sanomasi oikein, joskus kielikäännökset ovat vähän arvailun varassa, niin varmaan sielläkin.
      Kaikkea hyvää toivon sinulle . Terveisin ,Pauli Suomesta.

    • please cite your sources on cancer being cured in mice

      Tell me about how only human tests work for humans then proceed to go on about alternatives using cloned mouse cell lines to cure disease.

  6. Olkoon rinta tai perse syöpä tutkimuskeinoja kyllä löytyy ilman eläinten rääkkäystä !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joutukoon eläinrääkkääjät itse sairaslistalle tekemistään vääryyksistä !!!

  7. Animal testing is unnecessary and the results unreliable. This has been proven.
    So these establishments are just a means for monsters to torture and kill animals.
    In the 21st century do we really believe this is furthering our knowledge at all?
    Absolutely not! This is murder for murder’s sake and UNBEARABLY FOR CIVILIZED SOCIETIES.





    People need to vote unacting authorities and such „BASTARDS“ acting unhumane out of their occupations!

    Normaltive ethic includes the claim on generally liability.

    • Studies dear sir

      Who proved AR was useless, when did they prove it, where did they prove it, what were their credentials, how did they do it

    • Capital letters make you look silly not clever.

      Are you honestly suggesting that researchers kill mice because they want to kill mice – if so, then you have a very delusional idea of what goes on. They are there making the effort to alleviate human and animal suffering (remember that all veterinary medicine relies on animal research).

      For someone who wants to come across as compassionate you actually sound more vindictive and sickening with your wishes that researchers should suffer.

      All research is looked at from an ethical perspective. This is why we have IACUC’s in the US and Ethical Review Panel’s in the UK.

      • Olet nähdäkseni hyvin brutaali ja tietämätön koe-eläinten kärsimyksistä !
        Todella ikävää ettet ole esim; ANIMALIAN kautta tutustunut mitä nämä eläimet todellisuudessa joutuvat kärsimään !
        Ota asiasta selvää niin saamme sinusta todella hyvän eläinsuojelijan. Kiitos.

  8. I cannot see any real proof that by ,using animals we will eventually cure cancer!…Humans should be used in my mind,there are enough serial killers,paedophiles,murderers in prison,Why don’t they use them,they relinquished their rights when the committed these offences!

    Stop torturing experimenting,killing animals!

    I know I would not wish to use a drug that has been used on animals, that,”may/may not” cure me,and,that I know for sure caused immense suffering to an animal!


      There is your evidence that we are making progress. We cant use humans for everything. Also most pedophiles are men so we cant test breast cancer drugs on them. Plus we cant genetically engineer them to get breast cancer like we can in mice, nor can we guarantee they are not wrongly imprisoned. Also find me 500 prisoners with the same genetic lineage and of the exact same age and we will talk

    • Aside from the fact that using prisoners would be inhumane and sickening, there are more practical problems.

      1. You cannot study genetics as a GM human would take 9 months to grow, which is impractical. Even if the parent is a criminal – the child isn’t.
      2. There really aren’t enough people in prison for trials. We use millions of mice and zebrafish and countless fruit flies
      3. We don’t have a full medical history for prisoners. The point of testing is that you have a lot of almost identical, say, mice – born in the labs so you know exactly what environment they have been subject to

      Most testing doesn’t cause much, if any, suffering to the animal. Any test involving pain should be done while the animal in anaesthetised.

  9. Animal research is fundamental for the progress of medical science at present, I’m sorry to say. In vitro testing is useful, but only goes so far. The idea of phasing out of the research loop either of them is preposterous

  10. Kaikki kemialliset lääkkeet on enemmän tai vähemmän vahingossa keksitty !
    Tutkimus jatkukoon ,,,, mutta ei eläinten kustannuksella, kyllä vapaa-ehtoisia ihmisiä löytyy vaikka kuinka paljon, siinä samalla voi kehitellä myös eläimille sopivia annoksia lääkkeeksi !
    On lopetettava eläinrääkkäys myös tutkimuksen nimissä ehdottomasti !

  11. There’s been a slow and steady increase in cancer survival rates, in part thanks to animal based research. Test tubes and computers don’t have blood circulation systems or nervous systems, and can’t get cancer. Animals can. Humans can as well, so animal research needs to continue.

  12. To these women who swear they will never allow themselves to benefit from animal testing I simply don’t believe you. You are either very young or very fortunate never to have had to face your own fear, or face the bracing thought of seeing yourself slip away from everything you have that you just want to keep…your life just exactly as it is.

    You have never been in the shower and had the blood drain from your face, your skin go cold and your knees go weak at the unmistakable thickening you felt that you never felt before. To lie at night next to your husband, feel the warmth of his skin beside you, hear the sound of his breath, and to be wondering if there’s a limit on how many more times you’ll be able to feel him and hear him. You’re not thinking of mice; you’re thinking of the moment after surgery, or however many months or years after that when it’s all over and you don’t have to wonder anymore. And right before they put you under and your surgeon says to you, “we’re going to take care of you; no matter what happens you don’t have to worry. We are going to take care of you.” When you wake up, you’re not think of mice…you’re looking into his eyes and he’s telling you, it’s nothing…nothing at all.

    Now 20 years later I do think of those mice and I know when he said “we’re going to take care of you” he meant him and those mice. And when I think of them I feel grateful..grateful for what they would have done for me and grateful for what they’ve done–and will do–for other women who wake up and need to be taken care of.

    Some years from now, not too many, because of those mice no woman will have to be afraid. Everything that’s been done with those mice is good; not just good but wonderous. And another thing I’ve learned…the scientists who do the work with the mice are extroadinarily good; we don’t have to worry and neither do the mice. For reasons I don’t understand there are those who would tell us otherwise, send around pictures that lie like the one purposely put with this article, and have us be afraid but we don’t have to let them.

  13. We have 4 possible new drugs to cure Cancer.
    Drug A killed all the rats, mice and dogs.
    Drug B killed all the dogs and rats.
    Drug C killed all the mice and rats.
    Drug D was taken by all the animals up to huge doses with no ill effect.

    Question: Which of those drugs should we give to some healthy young human volunteers as the first dose to humans (all other things being equal)?
    To the undecided (and non-prejudiced) the answer is, of course, obvious. It would also be obvious to a normal 12 year old child…
    An alternative, acceptable answer would be, none of those drugs because even drug D could cause damage to humans. That is true, which is why Drug D would be given as a single, very small dose to human volunteers under tightly controlled and regulated conditions.
    William DH Carey, BMJ 2002; 324: 236a

    Nobody wants to use animals us humans are selfish and self preservation comes first but until a full human alternate is available we have to work towards Reducing the numbers Replacing when can and Refining the procedues.

  14. You are all wilfully delusional if you think the animals in these research labs are treated like pets, as nothing could be further from the truth~ go and see the care2 petitions against Huntingdon Live Sciences or putting cameras in labs, or better still the Stop Huntingdon Lilfe sciences site. (Admittedly It’s an extreme site bent on closing the facility but the Guardian Newspaper is a respected source which blew the whistle on phone hacking)

    It’s a stain on Britains reputation that this place has not been closed down ,even Imperial College London was inplicated in ill treatment~ one of the best universities in the UK.

    ~.don’t think it doesn’t happen in the US either, as the staff working in these places develop a hardening of attitude over time and treat the animals badly routinely.

    I think the only way is adult testing using small doses as advocated by Laura.
    Millions of animals die in pain, and indeed agony every year~ on useless drugs that never see the light of day

    Puppies,kittens rabbits birds, primates obtained under dubious circumstances~the list goes on.
    Generating profit is obviously or putting cameras in labs more imortant than
    The photos stop me sleeping at night.

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