Why We Are Overeating Ourselves to the Point of Death?

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I have to ask, why are you, me, we, overeating ourselves to the point of imminent death? Are we really? Because shockingly enough, based on my direct observation and experience, including, about a trillion words of documented and well researched scientific proof; we are indeed, as a matter of fact, overeating ourselves to the point of death. Bon Appétit!

Without making this piece seem to sound-out that morbidity is directly linked to obesity, I would rather like to focus on the ‘sign of the times’, instead! You know, how absolutely conscious we have become about our ‘weight’, ‘looks’ and ‘tastes’, while being deceptively lured and cajoled by other food related urges and impulses.

The Food Industry represents, conservatively speaking, about a trillion dollars in yearly sales for the U.S. alone! That’s a lot of money, and a whole lot of POWER over our lives! These corporate giants have deep pockets to produce the ‘exact and high costing’ research they need, to get you to buy and continue to use their products; despite the fact that their products and services can actually contribute to various mental and physical illnesses, including but not limited to: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, bone loss, and depression. Even dramatic behavioural changes can be directly linked to these industries and their products!

My point being, we are overeating ourselves due to the vast influence they command over our tastes and likes; daily, we are bombarded by thousands of food ad messages, designed to entice and stimulate our taste buds and salivary glands. Based on mounting evidence, the food industries have been deceptively conspiring against us for decades so that we will overeat and over indulge, thus creating the perfect yo-yo effect of constant physical change and ever-changing desires and tastes.

We are stimulated, motivated, encouraged, but most especially, conned into believing ‘something’ that isn’t good for our health and well being, is actually, ‘good to eat’ and ‘fun to eat’. To this effect, they then devilishly devise attention grabbing children’s cartoons, making them highly enjoyable and commercialized with zesty slogans, as being ‘the very best’ in milk chocolate when the overwhelming facts are totally and unequivocally contrary to their musical cartoonish posturing. Case in point, Nestlé’s!

Shades of Willy Wonka revised and revisited! Just a few months ago, Nestlé’ in the UK came out with a new contest where they have implanted 6 micro-chip GPS locators within the wrappings of their Kit Kat chocolate bars. How’s that for a strong enough incentive to buy more bars, and eat more of their ‘obese-causing’ and ‘sweet-craving’ chocolates! Create a ‘WOW’ type contest and get massive amounts of people acting just the way you want them to… buying and eating tons of your chocolate.

The Kit Kat campaign is cleverly called “We Will Find You” and the tracking devices will be activated upon opening the chocolate bar wrappers. Once one of the winning bars are activated, what follows will be an action oriented and precisely orchestrated military team of commandos, despatched and instantly transported by helicopter, to their exact GPS location; where they will then, with great gusto and flare, not to mention promotional pomposity, hand-deliver the star struck winner their cash in a special briefcase worth $15,000 USD. ‘Arnie’, eat your heart out!

According to Wikipedia, Nestlé is a monstrous food conglomerate with a vast global empire of products that include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods and snacks.

Just to also let you know, that Nestlé is no stranger to scandal, subterfuge, spying, and or conniving their way across the planet with posturing pose while leaving behind itself, as most recently, a wake of tainted milk, and horsemeat in their packaged foods.

Motivated by the staggering profits within the Pharmaceutical Industries, Nestlé Foods are now looking for corporate profits elsewhere and are buying up medical food plants, actively planning on getting into the medical food business in order to diversify, to profit off the sick, dying, and the elderly.

Please understand clearly, that we are dealing with a company that ‘knows’ how to create (and where to find) a thriving market for their nutritionally deficient and obese causing products. They know where the money is! And, if one of their consumers should happen to die; oh well, it absolutely had nothing to do with the products they were ingesting; it was obviously caused by their ‘pre-existing’ and frail condition. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

The Extraordinary Science Of Junk Food (Michael Moss, The New York Times, February 20, 2013) talks in great detail about a specific meeting in 1999; a ‘meeting of the minds’ so to speak, of the then current CEOs of America’s largest food conglomerates. Industrial giants like Nestlé, Pillsbury, Mars, Procter and Gamble and others were there to discuss the ‘obesity’ epidemic in this country and what role they all played, in terms of its creation. It is well worth reading.

He delves deeply into the science of creating addictive treats, which are devoid of nutritional value, while only contributing to padding our waist lines, and making us more susceptible to a host of obese related diseases. All the while, they purposely profit off of our habits, urges, and impulses; ones in fact that they directly helped to create and nurture in order that they may continue to pad their ever-growing BIG fat bank accounts!

Please keep in mind it starts with our children…

Our children are at risk; and their well beings are being compromised by approximately 40,000 commercials, and TV ads per year. Make no mistake, even the medical experts’ fear for their health. In the 2008 December issue of Pediatrics Obesity Initiatives, The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) strongly recommends much more media education in order to balance out the negative effects of TV advertising directed at children. They claim these ads may contribute to obesity, poor nutrition, including cigarette usage and alcohol consumption.

The Chairman of the APP Committee on Communications, Dr. Donald Shifrin expressed his concern,

“We’re pleading with pediatricians and parents to become aware that consumerist tendencies are being fed right from birth… we have to understand that youngsters under a certain age cannot differentiate between a commercial and a program. To them, it’s real. There should be some effort on the part of parents to point out that this is a commercial.”

The advertising industry in direct collusion with the food industry utilizes various strategies to capture your children as avid consumers for life. One such marketing ploy, euphemistically known in the industry as “cradle to grave” marketing, targets children as infants in order to ‘brand’ their names, logo’s, likes and desires into their highly impressionable young minds. It’s considered Food Psychology 101!

Do you as a parent have any say in the matter?

Perhaps you do…

This has been the first of four parts examining the industries and corporations that contribute to our rising epidemic of obesity and their related deadly diseases. Please stay tuned for our next installment, focusing on another Food giant, this time, Kraft Foods. You won’t believe what lengths they will go to, in order to sell you fake ‘Frankenstein-ish’ adulterated foods.

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