Coffee vs Tea

Most red blooded humans around the globe crave their coffee and/or tea fix. But out of the two, which reigns supreme as the healthiest option? The truth is that each hot drink possesses its own unique benefits that effect the body in different ways.

Did you know that regular coffee drinkers stand a higher chance of avoiding Alzheimers desease in later life? Or that frequent consumption of green tea reduces the risk of esophageal cancer in 60% of women?

On the flip side, though, drinking your tea at too warmer temperature can increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

From cancer to diabetes to your heart, liver and even your memory; the way in which each type of drink can prevent risk of diseases or improve your organs is incredible and, at times, very surprising. For the full comparison check the stats and facts below, and prove your workmates right or wrong with this detailed insight into the various health benefits of coffee and tea.

Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

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  1. In the “Coffee: Caffeine Per Cup” graph, is that actually “per serving”? I would think 8oz/240ml of espresso would have at least as much caffeine as 8oz/240ml of brewed coffee.


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