Why does “More Green” mean “More Money”?

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Its unfortunate we have found ourselves in a global economy where “being green” in most cases means “more expensive”. Would you not think that preserving energy, preserving resources, reducing, recycling, re-using etc. should have a positive impact on our bottom line (green numbers)? Unfortunately, 8 out of the ten times it leaves our bank accounts with a negative impact (red numbers)!

Are we entirely missing the point of what it truly means to “be green”? Some time ago a wrote an article regarding my grandfathers ability to give a wooden train an extended life and want to follow that thought up in posts to come.

Several Items I wish to discuss in the “BRICK” series are those that pertain to our everyday lives and how an ideal green approach, whether great or small, can have impact on our environment and on our own “green”. I would heartily welcome comments and input as I am drawing from my relatively short life, although full of experiences, your thoughts are welcomed.

  • Budgeting our “Green”
  • Reducing versus re-using
  • Innovation in your household
  • Corporate Confusion
  • Kind Souls

What all post’s will encourage you to think about is how you can go beyond what our media encourages us to do, go beyond what you perceive to be as “green”, big deeper and find a place where lifestyle, comfort and the environment have a place. As our population is increasing we owe not only ourselves but also those around us the commitment of finding new meaning of “being green”, go beyond.

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