Waste Clean Ups throughout Space and Seas

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Stewardship is a concept which entails people caring for the environment. Mankind has reaped numerous benefits from nature. It’s right for humans to give homage and respect towards Earth. This sentiment is proven true by technological breakthroughs in space and throughout the seas which are geared towards environmental exploration and protection.


Space and Sea Junk

In as much as rubbish removal services are handled by experts on land, satellite devices and ocean arrays are conceptualised to preserve the entire universe.

Space debris is difficult to avoid due to efforts to launch out and discover developments in the atmosphere. This scenario further voices out the need to stay abreast of the thermosphere’s health.

In regards to the seas, deliberate dumping unfortunately takes place in many countries, including Australia, and the authorities keep a close eye on applying the law for offenders.


Effects of Space and Sea Contamination

A single gesture can echo throughout eternity. While the statement may seem quite dramatic, this can apply to pollution and contamination of our environment.


Dangers at Sea

Imagine if every person throws in a cigarette butt at one shore of the Great Barrier Reef. It could total to millions of cigarette butts by which fishes and aquatic organisms can ingest. This unfortunate instance can tip the balance in biodiversity. Extinction will take place in no time. The same can be said for various kinds of rubbish in any marine environment.

Trouble in Space

Fallout and debris from earth’s experiments and satellite activities need to be cleaned up. It’s inevitable to have some spare parts spread throughout space. The first man on the moon paved the way for earthlings to explore the universe further.


Although our discoveries are impressive, efforts should then be done on eliminating tendencies of debris to collide. Denser atmospheric layers mean lesser tendencies for the earth to counter the rays of sunlight.


Solutions and Breakthroughs

Rubbish removal efforts are currently in the works across the globe to combat the ever growing trash. Thousands of pieces of debris and coastal trash are spread in space and seas. It’s of course tedious and expensive to carry out coastal and atmospheric clean ups, but the long term advantages are worth the effort.


The A300 Satellite

A rubbish removal satellite is in the process of development. It will be launched from an A300 Jetliner and is tasked to roam the atmosphere for a clean-up. A capsule will be attached to the jet and at about approximately 800km from take-off, it will be ejected.

The capsule’s direction will then de-orbit (meaning it goes against usual rotation of the Earth). This gives additional grasp onto the debris, making it possible for the capsule to capture as much junk as possible. The collected dirt will then be scheduled for disintegration on earth.


The Clean Up Array

You wouldn’t believe it if you learned a 19-year old invented this set of platforms and floating booms. Plastic will be collected by the Ocean Clean Up Array project. This happens through the mechanism’s method of spanning the globe’s oceans.

The booms’ angles will force plastic junk to the direction of the platforms. This ends up possibly collecting as much as 7 million tons of trash throughout the world’s oceans. The goal of this gigantic device is to accumulate as much waste as possible within 5 years.

You can just picture the number of aquatic life forms which can benefit from this invention. Millions of tons in trash can translate to exponential growth of life and increased biodiversity in marine life.

Habitual dumping of sea wastes and debris fall outs throughout space can lead to harmful effects for the upcoming generations. It pays to be in support of resourcefully made developments for the good of the Earth. Taking initiative to move forward can be a daunting task for humanity, but this is one challenge which is worthwhile.

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