Eco-Friendly Restaurants that Use Recyclable Products

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The planet is going green one step at a time.

Cars are being designed to minimize air pollution. Home appliances are also designed to use less energy. Restaurant owners are also doing their part by coming up with some very creative ways to go green. The following shines an important spotlight on restaurants that are doing their job to make the environment better.


Pressure From Society

Restaurants that are resistance to change will inevitably receive lots of pressure from society as more restaurants adopt these practices. It can be very difficult for a restaurant to survive when they are the outcast for promoting positive changes. Everyone may not have the ability to go completely green, but everyone can do something.

Poste Moderne Brasserie in Washington, D.C. is the perfect example of a model green restaurant. They have an organic garden with a water filtration system. They also filter the oils that are used for cooking. This is big, but it is not practical for everyone that owns a dining establishment.


Going Green Without Reinventing the Wheel

Companies do not have to totally reinvent the wheel to go green. All that a lot of companies have to do is start small. They don’t have to start using all green products without considering costs. Restaurants can start small. All that they have to do is look for things that can be used without drastically affecting the profits. Montana Grill, for example, started with straws. They use straws that are made from biodegradable paper. This is only a small step, but it is a step in the right direction.

McDonalds has even opened up a green restaurant. This has not spread across to all of their chain stores, but this is a great start. It shows that the company cares. The extreme measures that were taken also show the thought that was put into it. This green location has tons of things that are major changes in the way that McDonalds normally does business. There is recycled denim aluminum inside the building. There is also some light colored hardscape that reduces heat emissions from the restaurant. It would not be completely cost effective to remodel every store this way so soon. What it shows is that McDonalds is making an effort to comply.


Table for Two or More

Restaurants that are going green may need much more than some tables for two. People are filling up green restaurants. Lots of people patronize and applaud the effort of these restaurants. This means that it can affect the profit margin of restaurants in a positive manner. The reality is that lots of franchise restaurants will be resistant to change. The small restaurants can adapt easier because they have less to change. Coincidentally, there changes actually bring in more customers that support the green initiatives.

The Taco Truck establishment in New Jersey, for example, is using biodegradable to-go ware. This is a nifty concept, but they dont stop there. The same establishment also uses tables and counter tops that is made from recycled products. This isnt practical for a major chain like McDonalds or Burger King yet. Timing is everything.


All restaurants aren’t going to embrace green products, but this is an unbelievably great start. It takes a little time for companies to adapt to change. The main thing that many restaurant owners think about is the bottom line. Many of these owners want to go green, but there has to be an incentive in place. There has to be something that will not affect the profit margin of these establishments.

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