Plastic Bag Usage Down 26% In Last 2 Years

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It seems that the recent enforcement of “Pay-Per-Bag” by many grocery stores is starting to have a positive impact.

recent study by the Waste Reduction Agency WRAP indicates plastic bags used by large supermarkets has dropped from 13.4 billion to 9.9 billion in the last two years.

The new bags being handed out also use less plastic in their production, meaning the amount of plastic used compared to two years ago is down by 40%.

Although the trend is on the right track, if you’re not already using a recyclable cloth bag or Green Box, it’s definitely the time to start. Try carrying a small bag with you wherever you go, so even at clothing stores or drug stores you don’t need to use an extra plastic bag.

Every little bit counts, and when there’s still almost 10 billion bags being used per year, we have a long way to go.

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