This video of the tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 2011 has been making the rounds online, but if you haven’t seen it yet it is definitely worth checking out. The official description of the video is as follows:

Yu Muroga is a Japanese driver. It was his tour took place when the earthquake March 11, 2011. Like most people of his area, he did not feel threatened by the tsumani, as it was far enough from the coast. So he continued to drive and do its job. The HD camera mounted on the dashboard has not only captured the shock but also the moments that followed, where many drivers were stranded by the waters of the tsunami.

Watch the clip embedded below to see the incredible Tsunami captured on video: 

The environmental impacts of the Tsunami

As we all know now, the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11 2011 had a much greater than simply flooding areas with immense water. In fact, the environmental catastrophe truly opened the world’s eyes to the dangers of nuclear power.

And if we aren’t careful about the way we are treating our planet, more frequent and more devastating natural disasters will continue to occur.

Convention on Biodiveristy: 2010 Conference in Nagoya, Japan



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