An exciting announcement was made by the President of Honduras today, which has great implications for marine protection around the world. Honduran President Lobo Sosa announced the nation’s new shark sanctuary, which will include 92,665 square miles of the country’s coasts.


Saving the sharks

Just last week, a ban on shark fin soup was proposed by a few Toronto City Councillors, and while the effort is not nearly as groundbreaking as a sanctuary in the ocean, there is clearly a global movement to protect these endangered animals from the only real predator they encounter – humans.

President Sosa said this of the new sanctuary:

Our coral reefs and marine environment thrive because these apex predators are safe in our waters. Today’s declaration will help us all, underwater and on land, for generations to come.

This announcement is a great step towards further global shark conservation, and will help to preserve the habitats where these marine species thrive.

To take action on shark conservation, visit the PEW Environment Group and sign their petition to protect sharks in other areas of the world.

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