Are Sinkholes Becoming More Frequent?

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guatemala sinkhole

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After the giant sinkhole that appeared in Guatemala recently many were curious to discover that China, always on top of things, has had its own encounters with the sinkhole. In fact since April there have been 35 reported sinkholes, appearing all over the country. The most recent of which occurred in Nanchang City, Jiangxi province and opened up under a moving car.

In Guangxi province, four sinkholes forced the evacuation of 600 villagers. The site of the 2008 earthquake in south-western Sichuan Province saw three holes formed this past May.

A geologist with the United States Geological Survey, Daniel Doctor told that in natural settings sinkholes are actually quite rare events, however humans tend to interfere frequently in the subsurface making sinkholes a much more common phenomena.

As China marches on towards industrialization sinkholes may only increase in frequency.

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