Save the Poles Team Arrives at the North Pole on Earth Day

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Earth day has arrived, and so have Eric Larsen and the Save the Poles Team. Their arrival to the North Pole after a journey of 490 miles (788 kilometers) was scheduled for today. This is the second leg of a three part journey in a bid to raise awareness about climate change. The expedition began with a trip to the south poles and will end at the summit of Mt. Everest all within 365 days.

Larsen was quoted in a press release saying “This expedition will tell the story of these remote places so we can better understand how our actions affect the poles and ultimately the planet”. The trip is not only about promoting the effects of global warming, but also to collect scientific data that can be used to advocate for change.

The polar and Himalayan regions are melting and the realities of this are not far off. By 2030, scientists estimate that the Arctic Ocean will be without ice. The UN estimates that only 20% of the Himalayas glaciers will remain in 30 years. Sea levels are rising, putting many countries and coastal regions at risk.

The story of the expedition and climate change is to be disseminated across schools and organizations through the production of lecture series, a book, a documentary film and educational curricula. It is hoped that these will be the tools that can help the next generation to prepare for climate change.

More information on Eric Larsen and Save the Poles can be found on their website.

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