Researchers in the Arctic decided to see how much water was melting from the glaciers by measuring how much passed through a Moulin (a vertical shaft in the glacier), and the results were astounding.

In one day, 42 million litres of fresh water melted and drained through one of the Moulins, and the scientists say there may be hundreds or thousands of similar cases all over Greenland.

In fact, Greenland is losing enough water every day to cover Germany a metre deep!

Their answer to the problem, and a suggestion that’s been coming up a lot lately, is to wrap Greenland in a giant reflective blanket.

This idea is already in use on Alpine ski hills, and a team is now testing the 10,000 square meter blanket for its durability in hurricane-like conditions.

Keep scrolling to watch two very cool videos on the subject.

Arctic Glaciers Melting

Wrapping Greenland In Reflective Blankets


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