Crazy Ideas That Might Stop Global Warming

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In these troubled environmental times, it seems like everyone is brainstorming some revolutionary solution to solve the climate change problem. Even though in theory, all of these ideas might work, their cost would be enormous, and their results aren’t guaranteed.

Some of the ideas for saving the planet are wrapping Greenland in a blanket to slow its melting, putting huge pumps in the ocean to draw more carbon out of the air, blocking the sun with a giant shield, dropping tree “seedling bombs” from planes to regenerate forests, creating wind turbines 1,000 feet high, generating more clouds to keep the ocean cooler, microwaving solar power satellites, and last but not least, a carbon air filter.

Off the top of my head, the only ideas I can see being put into practice are the tree bombs, which have already been successful in helping to rebuild forests after Hurricane Katrina. And though we might see a giant sized wind turbine in a few years, I won’t be holding my breath for microwave emitting solar panels in space.

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