PETA urges GMC to publicize Bill and Lou slaughter, if it happens

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Bill and Lou

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Bill and Lou

Administrators at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vt., had a plan to slaughter the two oxen, Bill and Lou, that have labored for the school’s agricultural program for ten years. This, in turn, resulted in an international outcry that seems to have been unheard as PETA reports that the university is still planning to slaughter the oxen and serve the meat in the school’s cafeteria.

PETA sent an e-mail today to school administrators asking them to allow students to view the slaughter. Think this is counterintuitive? Think again! The organization wants the students to “see the terror in Bill’s and Lou’s eyes right before a bolt is shot into their foreheads and they are strung upside down and bled to death.”

“We live in a changing world, where animals are afforded considerations that they might not have had in the past,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in his letter, as reported in a press release. “Bill and Lou worked hard for Green Mountain College for 10 years, and they have more than earned special consideration and a peaceful retirement—but if Green Mountain won’t give them that, perhaps witnessing their needless deaths will remind people that all animals’ lives are precious and that the best thing they can do for other animals, their own health, and the environment is go vegan.”

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4 thoughts on “PETA urges GMC to publicize Bill and Lou slaughter, if it happens”

  1. Please do not let this happen. All animals are so innocent and tey cannot speak for their selfs. What is wrong with people. They are GOD’S CREATURES and they do not belong to us they belong to GOD. I
    would not want or even think about been in your shoes because GOD knows what every one does.

    • I have had the experience of witnessing a crowd of people watch a slaughter, and it scares the animals more. No slaughterhouse is going to let ANYONE involved with PETA come in their driveway, let alone their plants.

  2. Vegans rip those poor vegetables from their nice, comfortable home in the ground and then boil them alive. I mean all the carrot wanted was to be left alone and to live out it’s life.

    News flash vegans just because a life form doesn’t have a face doesn’t mean you’re not killing it for your own sustenance. Get a life.


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