Cut Back on Plastic Water Bottles with These 3 Easy Tips

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You probably thought you were making the more responsible choice by drinking bottled water with your meal instead of heading for the soda machine, but in reality, this decision has more of a negative impact than you think.

Although drinking water throughout the day is good for your health, choosing plastic water bottles can counteractively reduce your health, as well as the health of the environment.

Over 60 scientists contributed to a report that detailed the impact plastics have on the environment and human health. The report revealed that chemicals added to plastics are absorbed by your body and can alter your hormones, among other dangerous health effects.

Moreover, plastic debris has the potential to injure and poison wildlife and even leach harmful chemicals into groundwater when disposed of in landfills. To do your part to reduce plastic consumption and limit these serious impacts, consider the following tips.

1. Filter your home’s water supply

Many people choose bottled water because they prefer the taste of it or feel that the water is cleaner and more pure than tap water. Although this may be true when choosing between tap and bottled, there is an alternate, more environmentally friendly solution that’s being overlooked in this common debate.

Refrigerator and sink water filters can make your home’s water supply taste like it came directly from a Genevan spring. Best of all? This water is plastic-free and doesn’t cost you a cent, which helps you make a better choice for your health and the environment.

2. Choose an eco-friendly water bottle

Eco-friendly water bottle

Say you love your home’s water filtration system but don’t have access to it when you’re on the go. Although plastic water bottles may be a quick and easy thirst-quencher when you’re out and about, you don’t have to resort to this measure when you purchase non-disposable, eco-friendly water bottles.

There are several different styles and brands of eco-friendly water bottles, which allow you to fill them up before you head out and avoid spending extra money or contributing to plastic consumption with this basic need.

Keeping a non-disposable water bottle on hand is not only more responsible, but it can also encourage you to drink more water throughout the day, which is a healthy habit to develop.

3. Recycle used bottles

Although you would ideally like to eliminate water bottle consumption altogether, sometimes things happen, and every now and then, you’ll end up purchasing a water bottle.

However, you’ll reduce your environmental impact significantly when you choose to recycle these bottles rather than simply tossing them in the garbage can. If your home doesn’t have a recycling bin, be sure to purchase one and determine the location of your area’s nearest recycling centre.

You should also map out where the recycling bins are located in the places you frequent and possibly petition for the instalment of one in the event that somewhere like your school or workplace doesn’t have a recycling bin available.


Pollution and over-consumption both threaten the life-sustaining elements we need to survive while also making our environment on Earth less pleasant and less conducive to good health.

By making the conscious choice to limit water bottle consumption, you can contribute to a cleaner and greener planet as well as a healthier you. When it comes to saving the environment, your actions alone can make a world of difference.

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