A green solution for picking up dog poo

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It’s frustrating to walk down the street and see plastic bags filled with dog poo and left on the grass. People who pick up after their dog, but fail to dispose of their poop properly are just making a bad thing worse.

That’s why alternative products, such as those offered by Mutt Mitt, are such a good green investment for pet owners. The hand-sized pouches are designed specifically for picking up after your dog, and the pouches fully degrade in aerobic and anaerobic environments (including landfills).

Mutt Mitt Park Kit

Going one step further, Mutt Mitts has just announced the launch of a compostable Bio-Mitt that can completely bypass the landfill. You can buy a pack of 100 for around $25 at the following link: Mutt Mitts Compostable Bio-Mitt

Or, if you want to encourage the proper disposal of pet waste in your community or a local park, Mutt Mitts is currently offering a sale on its Mutt Mitts dispensing kits for public spaces.

Keep your community clean and properly dispose of pet waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Mutt Mitt Instructions

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1 thought on “A green solution for picking up dog poo”

  1. The proper way to dispose of pet waste is to leave it alone. DO NOT pick up animal feces. You are destroying the ecosystem. And for what? Arrogant suburbanites with a thousand pounds of fertilizer and pesticides in their ridiculous yards. Animals poop everywhere, that has worked for millions of years.


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