Why We Should Trust In The Science Behind Climate Change

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Throughout the history of human civilization, science has played an important role in helping us understand the dynamics of our planet and the fragility of its favorable climate. So, it’s only natural that warning bells were first rung when reams of scientific data from various studies began consistently pointing towards irreparable climate change patterns a few decades ago.

Alarming weather trends were considered quite insignificant before advances in science made it possible to study climate change in intricate detail. As of today, science is the only thing standing between a short sighted global population, entrenched corporate interests and a planet that might just be fighting for its very survival.

Many detractors argue that climate change is not real and that activists simply use science to further their arguments. They say climate patterns have changed over a vast degree through the ages. They hide their arguments behind earth’s transition to the ice age and back to the favorable climate we see today.

Somehow to them, that seems like evidence that our planet isn’t undergoing climate change at all. But climate change theories emphatically proven by science trump all these arguments and paint a bleak picture of the enormous damage being done to global climate on a daily basis.

On the surface, it looks like the scientific community is tied on whether science is really contributing to, or defeating the cause espoused by climate change activists. To reinforce a well known fact, science doesn’t lie. It’s just that the data and the proof that science uncovers are interpreted differently by people on both sides of the climate change bandwagon.

Alarming rises in sea levels have been firmly established by science. In fact, the increases in sea levels have been reported to be alarmingly high over the last few decades. This alone offers solid proof that indiscriminate pollution is leading to global warming on a catastrophic scale.

Rising global temperatures, warming oceans, shrinking ice masses and glaciers are studied in painstaking detail using geological/weather science. All these point to significant rises in global temperatures that are affecting our planet’s climate in a very real manner. All four of the above conditions offer enough proof that global climate patterns are under threat and much needs to be done to reverse or stop the changes, if that is at all possible.

Right now, the ultimate challenge facing science is to convince people and governments across the world to acknowledge climate change and take definite steps to reverse activities that adversely affect global climate.

All the facts mentioned above have been highlighted multiple times using science and the data derived from multiple scientific studies conducted across the planet. Climate change is real and it’s happening. Science has proven beyond doubt that human activity is affecting climate change for the worse.

It’s high time that these studies are more widely recognized because wide ranging steps have to be taken immediately on a global scale to curb climate change. As data trends clearly point towards cataclysmic changes in earth’s weather patterns, we may not have much time left to alter the course of global climate change. The only way to do that is to believe in the science behind climate change.

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5 thoughts on “Why We Should Trust In The Science Behind Climate Change”

  1. A “Crisis” that isn’t a crisis, isn’t a crisis:
    When scientists say; “Climate Change is real and happening”, it doesn’t prove climate change is a cataclysmic event and 26 years of intensive research has brought us millions of studies on CO2 effects. Millions! And they all say the same thing? This is still only consensus that it is “real”, not a crisis, not real and not a threat. REAL planet lovers are happy ANY crisis was exaggerated.
    When scientists say; “a coming climate-crisis”, it is ALWAYS with the qualifier of “maybe” or “probably” etc. Find one that doesn’t.
    If my house was on fire, I don’t say maybe. The planet is on fire…………maybe?
    Consensus was a joke.

  2. Re: “Throughout the history of human civilization, science has played an important role in helping us understand the dynamics of our planet and the fragility of its favorable climate.”
    That’s a bit rich. Science didn’t play much of a part in helping anyone to understand anything until about 200 years ago. Before that most people believed that the gods, or a god, decided the fate of the world, not impersonal natural forces, and those that believed otherwise were branded as heretics.

  3. I suggest that you remaining climate change believers stop and consider that you’re continued condemning of the voter’s children to a CO2 hell will leave conservatives in power forever. YOU have become the big GREEN FEAR MACHINE, not the neocons. And Bush laughs and admires as you condemn yours and billions of other helpless children to the greenhouse gas ovens with sickening childish Greenzi glee.
    How progressive and rebellious and liberal is it not question and doubt an authority that says the end is near? It’s the ultimate in fear mongering. Climate WMD’s.
    How progressive was it to issue CO2 death threats to your own children just to make sure they stayed environmentally aware and turned the lights out more often?
    How progressive was it to tax the air we breathe with corporate-run and bank funded carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians?
    How progressive was it to teach our children to love the planet with fear?
    How progressive was it to criticize religion and then create your own religion; CO2 EnvironMENTALism. “I see the signs” Please the angry weather gods?


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