Top 10 Ways to Protect Wildlife While Staying at Home

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Can you imagine the woods without wildlife? The ocean without marine life? For most people, the answer may be a big “No”. However, a stark reality will open your eyes when you will get to know that many endangered wildlife species are on the verge of extinction because of unresponsive human activities such as the deforestation, farming, pollution and overgrazing. The rate at which the animals are vanishing from the earth, your kids might never get an opportunity to see a lion, elephant, rhinoceros, dolphin or whale. It is certainly a very dreaded feeling, isn’t it? If you want to stop extinction, then you can do the following simple things from your home and conserve wildlife.


Acquaint Yourself with Endangered Species in your Locality

Make a concentrated effort to gain useful knowledge about the various species of wildlife that are found in your locality and their importance towards maintaining ecosystem of the Mother Nature. Spread the word in your area by educating your friends, family members and children about endangered animals.

Use Recycled Products

Using the recycled products is one of the best ways to prevent the animals from extinction. The un-recycled materials results into a landfill that is hazardous for wildlife as well as the environment. A large number of trees are chopped down every month/year to manufacture paper products. In such a situation, you must make it a point to buy paper products that are prepared from recycled materials. If possible, minimize the usage of palm oil as the vast forest area is wiped out just to raise palm trees.

Avoid Throwing Chemicals or Plastics into Rivers and Seas

Do not throw the plastic and toxic materials into the seas. The exotic species of marine wildlife such as the whales, fishes, dolphins, frogs, etc. Confuse plastic with food and consume them. The harmful products affect the digestive tract of the aquatic animals that may result in their death.

Report Hunting or Harassment of Endangered Species

It is illegal to harass or kill the endangered species. It is pivotal that you immediately report the case to a respective organization in case an animal is harassed, trapped or has been held captive.

Avoid Purchasing Products Made From Animal Fur or Skin

When you are on vacation, then it is important to be careful about what you purchase. This is because you never know a coat, jacket or shoes you are interested in buying have been made from the skin of the animals.

Organize Fund Raising Events

You can organize the fundraising event in your locality or area and collect money for the welfare of animals. Make it a point to donate the collection to wildlife rehabilitation and rescue center. Your efforts will be highly appreciated.

Conduct a Puppet Show

Organize a puppet show of the endangered animals and spread the word about the possible reasons responsible for the wildlife extinction. It is pivotal that you must create a story in advance to make your show interesting and engaging.

Build Bird Feeders and Houses

If you have a sprawling garden, then you can make a bird houses and feeders so that they can get shelter and get something to eat easily.

Voice Your Concerns

Write letters to the local government and newspaper, you can show your issues about the endangered animals. By doing this you are increasing the chances that someone will take action about it. Ask the government to release the wildlife.

Join an Animal Welfare Organization

There may be many organizations or the community groups that are working actively to protect wildlife from getting extinct. The officials inspect wildlife sanctuaries on a routine basis to keep an eye on the number of animals. You must research about these groups in your area, join them and contribute a bit towards the wildlife and the environment.

The animals cannot express their plight, speak for them by considering these points and leave a greener planet filled with abundant wildlife for future generations.


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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Protect Wildlife While Staying at Home”

  1. I think its important to note that toxic chemicals should not be thrown down the drain either, nor should anything toxic be thrown out into the driveway or street. Many sewers run off directly into surrounding water. Dispose of anything toxic at a hazardous waste drop-off. Better yet -> avoid using harsh and toxic chemicals altogether. Residual drugs (eg prescriptions, non-legal) also make their way into our water systems. Look for all natural alternatives for shampoo, body wash, suntan lotion, insect repellants, etc. All of that also washes down the drain and new research shows it is having a very detrimental affect on our water: ( ).

    • Also, if you want to encourage native fauna of all kinds, look for native source-identified seed and plants that are specific to your area. If the flora flourishes, the fauna will follow! <3 😉

  2. Jessica very well written. People must understand the Earth is not just for human to stay. It is home for every living entity. We have no rights to make it dirty. Clean water, clean air and clean solid can only make it easy for everyone to live happy.

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