glowing plant

A new Kickstarter project has launched with a nearly unbelievable environmental goal: to create a glowing plant that emits light naturally and sustainably. Check out the video below for details on the incredible project.


Using glowing genes from bacteria and fireflies, the team of synthetic biologists aim to create a new strain of plant that would eliminate the need for electric or gas powered lighting. It’s hard to imagine walking down a street that is lit up by trees rather than streetlights, but Antony Evans and the rest of the ‘Glowing Plant’ team believe it can be accomplished.

The good news is that their Kickstarter goal has already been exceeded after running for only a few days, so a glowing plant is getting much closer to becoming a reality.

glowing plant testimonial

If this sounds like something you want to donate to, be sure to pledge at their Kickstarter page or visit


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