Heal the Earth with Diatomaceous Dirt

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Say goodbye to harmful pesticides forever.

Instead, eat fresh, healthy, chemical-free fruits and vegetables from your own garden and let you kids run barefoot through your soft, green non toxic grass.

This is all possible, day after day and year after year, by using diatomaceous earth (“dirt”) as an all natural, organic pest control and fertilizer.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earthDiatomaceous earth is a clay-like “dirt” made up of broken down fossils called diatoms. These ancient organisms, similar to algae, existed millions of years ago and are mined by humans today. The main ingredient is silica, which gives it its clay-like quality.

What are the Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is an organic pesticide and fertilizer that is pollinator friendly. That’s good news considering that bee populations have been decreasing over the last three decades mostly due to harmful pesticides. By using diatomaceous earth on your lawns and gardens, you’re helping the bee population and the entire planet because these little pollinators are necessary for ongoing plant and food production.

Diatomaceous earth is so healthy for you and the planet that it can actually be eaten – in supplement form as it probably doesn’t taste very good. It is taken mainly to help digestion and some of its benefits include: metal detoxification, a healthier colon, better nutrient absorption, and more regular bowel movements. It is also known to promote skeletal health.

How does Diatomaceous Earth Keep Pests Away?

It’s all in the design. Diatomaceous earth has sharp, jagged edges which chop up the pests who would otherwise attack your lawns, gardens, and crops.

How do I Safely Use Diatomaceous Earth?

You can apply diatomaceous earth as either a dry or wet application.

Dry Duster Application

After applying a dust mask to your face and mixing equal parts diatomaceous earth and sand, fill the fertilizer applicator. The best time to apply the fertilizer is right after mowing. Be sure to spread the dusty mixture over the entire lawn and follow up with treatments on a regular basis.

On a clear, dry, non-windy day, you can also dust the lawn by hand or in areas that are infested Always wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in the particles.

Wet Sprayer Application

Again, start by wearing a dust mask. Next, add a mixture of 2 cups of diatomaceous earth to one gallon of water to your garden sprayer.

With this concoction you can spray almost anywhere, including lawns, trees, animal enclosures, and around foundations. A white residue will appear once the solution dries but will wash away with the next rain.

Diatomaceous earth is a safe, organic alternative to harmful pesticides that harm bees and other pollinators and sometimes even pollute our air and water. In order to heal the Earth, we need to start doing things differently. By using this amazing substance created millions of years ago and sharing this knowledge with others, we can transform the way we care for our plants and our planet.

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