polar bear tracker

A new video and interactive map produced by Polar Bears International helps shed some light on the effects that melting sea ice has on polar bears.

The video, seen above, shows the changes in the size of Arctic sea ice from 1979 to 2012, and the resulting implications it has on the ways that polar bears move throughout the season. And in this interactive map you can monitor polar bears that have been tagged and watch how they navigate the ice. You can also ‘adopt’ a bear through Polar Bears International.

Arctic Awareness


  1. How nice you can follow female polar bears as they travel over the ice. Females can wear radio collars, males can’t because of much bigger necks The radio collars beam their exact position to anyone who is interested. Great novelty for the masses..it sure attracts a lot of people to the website…doesn’t offer much in the way of valuable scientific information…the Inuit hunters love that they can go to Polar Bears International website and punch in the co-ordinates of the bears into their handheld GPS so they can find them out on the enormous ice field with no difficulty …easier to kill them. But the female bears shouldn’t worry, it’s the males who are after them to mate who should worry..the females give away the males position to the hunters…as well Inuit hunters are advised by The Canadian Government not to eat the meat of any bear who was shot with a dart carrying a cocktail of drugs to knock the bear out to put the collar on…the meat stays contaminated for a year. Unfortunate for the mother bear with cubs…the drug gets into her milk that the cubs need to stay alive. But what the hell enjoy the tracking system this website offers…make a donation to this organization who claims to have the best interest of the polar bear at heart. In reality this organization does nothing or very little to save a polar bear…majority of their funding comes from big oil companies like BP..and their mission is one of getting young polar bear cubs into American zoos.

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