The Polar Vortex is Not Evidence Against Climate Change

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“No single weather episode can either prove, or disprove, global climate change”

This is how President Obama‘s Science Advisor begins the White House’s latest video, The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes, which they apparently found it necessary to publish after the hordes of climate change deniers have rushed to proclaim that seeing snow in Atlanta is proof that there’s nothing wrong with our planet’s temperature.

Watch the video above to find out how exactly the Polar Vortex works, and to figure out why you’ve had to wear an extra layer when leaving the house this winter.


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4 thoughts on “The Polar Vortex is Not Evidence Against Climate Change”

  1. Stop fear mongering our children!

    Climate change was a lazy copy and paste news editor’s dream come true and you clowns have done to journalism and science what naughty naughty priests did for organized religions.

    If science can’t be “certain” that the end is near it means you remaining “believers” certainly can’t be “certain” the end is near for the planet. Will it be too late when science finally agrees beyond; “could be”?

    “Climate Change is real and is happening and could lead to unstoppable warming” is the consensus that you remaining “believers” threaten your own children with.

    Science had never agreed beyond “could be unstoppable warming” through 31 years of intensive CO2 research unlike how they are allowed to agree that smoking WILL cause cancer and how they are allowed to agree that comet hits are eventual and inevitable. Only “BELIEVERS” have certainty that the end is near for billions of innocent children because they choose to ignore sciences meaningless consensus of just; “maybe a crisis” and not one single IPCC warning agrees beyond COULD BE in”belief”. Deny that!

    • Fear mongering our children? Give me a break. We are trying to create a better world for our children to grow up in.

      97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real, and caused by humans ( That sounds pretty certain to me.

      The “remaining believers” you mention are the fringe nut jobs who refute facts and scientific evidence based on your gut feelings.

    • Global warming is science exactly that. There is a concensus amount climatologist. Yet for some reason meat head republicans don’t like science facts.

  2. I see the global warming alarmists are putting words into the “deniers” mouths. My definition of a denier differs soemwhat from that of those populating landscape
    of ignorance. If you really have the guts to read some well founded skeptical
    arguments against the looney global warming mish msh, I’d suggest, the award winning science blog that actually does science, not politics. You will see that they provided more information than junk WH scientist John Holdren (an “activist” scientist, which means he cares about politics and self glory) provided in his
    error filled “explanation” of a polar vortex, which only demonstrated that Holdren was not very familiar with the process, about which much is known, enough, for example, to demonstrate Holdren’s big lie a few weeks later that gloabal warming causes perturbations in the vortex, an absurd and false claim. My definition of a denier is one who refuses to acknowledge the real world data about global temperatures.
    Global temperatures have not warmed (depending upon which of the 5 data sets you use) in over 13 years and up to 18 years overall. SO why are global warmists claiming not only that the Earth is warming, but that it is warming REALLY FAST????
    Skeptics never claim that there has been no global warming – that has been going on, off-and-on since the last ice age, as has sea level rises – far, far greater sea level rises in the past than the current 6 inches per century. Skeptics rip to shreds global warming alarmists who basically tell huge lies and disregard real data in favor of climate models that even Michael Mann and James Hansen have declared “useless” and “embarrassing.” Skeptics are in touch with reality and have no ambitions to be “planet saviors” like the typcal, awfully damn ignorant alarmists, who falsely claim skeptics admit to no warming. That is one big lie.
    If you want to continue this charade of falsification and junk science claims based on the output of climate models proven to be totally inaccurate, be my guest.


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