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We all have a responsibility to help the planet as much as we can. At times, the thought can be a little overwhelming, but it is important to remember that small steps can create big change. Even though you may not be able to see the impact of your actions, everything you do will benefit your children and your grandchildren one day. These four ideas are all ways that you can help the environment without investing a lot of time or effort into the process.


Air Dry Your Clothes

If you use your dryer after every wash cycle, you are probably aware of how convenient it is to put your items into the machine. After all, you can simply grab your clothes and toss them in, without worrying too much about them. However, it does not take much more time to air dry the clothing instead. You will even save money in the long run, because your clothes will hold up much better if they are not exposed to the heat inside the dryer on a weekly basis. Take a look at the weather forecast at the beginning of each week, and plan to wash your clothes on the warmest, sunniest day possible.


Avoid Bottled Water

Many people purchase bottled water because they believe it is healthier for them than drinking from the tap. That isn’t really true. You can get very clean water by simply purchasing a filter for your faucet. While you do have to pay some money up front, think of how much you will save over the course of a year. Plus, the less plastic you use, the better.

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home


Stay Away from Harmful Chemicals

While your house may not pass the white glove test, you are probably committed to making sure your family has a nice place to live. Unfortunately, many cleaning materials have a lot of chemicals in them. Whenever possible, simply pull out a good cleaning pad, use water and apply pressure to the area that needs attention. If something more is needed, try baking soda; it will not hurt the environment, and it should get the job done. And, if you need to bring in an outside company, like Queen B Pest Services, to help you with an unexpected issue, make sure you ask them what they will be using on your home and if they have green options available.


Don’t Waste Water

Most people brush their teeth at least twice per day. A startling number of those leave the water running while they do so. Each minute the faucet is left on, three gallons of water go to waste. Turning it off while you clean your teeth is very easy to do and adds up to big savings for the environment over time.

There are so many ways to help the Earth. Most will not cost you anything, and they don’t involve a large time commitment, either. In fact, by becoming a little “greener” in your daily life, you may actually save money in the long run. It is a win-win situation.

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