Although the new year brings with it a lot of promise, there are also some obstacles to overcome. Global warming continues to affect people all over the world, contributing to some of the largest weather disasters to date. In addition, for every person that supports transitioning toward clean energy, there is another who loudly dismisses it. Still, the eco-friendly movement is gaining speed and strength; citizens all over the world are doing their part to clean up our planet and leave the world in a better state than they found it. If you, too, want to help slow down global warming and curb pollution, there are several easy steps you can take to make a difference.

Use alternative methods of transportation

Whenever possible, walk, bike or use public transportation to get to your destination. Aim to keep your car in the driveway at least twice a week; doing so will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, by as much as two tons this year. If even a few other people join you, the impact will be quite significant.

Don’t throw away your electronics

Rather than simply tossing out your old cell phone or computer, try to locate a facility that will recycle the items for you. By doing so, you can cut down on both air and water pollution. You will also help conserve natural resources. It may take a little more planning to recycle electronics, but it is well worth the effort involved.

Put up a rain barrel

You can conserve water by using a rain barrel. If only fifty families put one up on their properties in 2013, 65,000 gallons of water could be saved.

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient bulbs are important; not only do they conserve energy, but they reduce pollution as well. For every fifty people that remove an incandescent bulb and put up an energy efficient option instead, about 28,000 pounds of greenhouse gases will be saved.

Tell others about your plans

Do everything you can to let other people know of your intentions to go green. Speak to your coworkers and your family members. Try to get your entire neighborhood to participate in a green “movement.” Get the word out in any way possible; by doing so, you have the potential to create positive change for the Earth and for your children’s future.

The road ahead is not easy. Still, change is happening every day in the United States. Citizens are committing themselves to biking to work, engaging in water conservation, and more. They are seeking out green businesses and spreading the word about how important the issue of global warming is to our future. Every little bit makes a difference.

Commit yourself to the green movement, too. Your impact will be felt for many years to come.


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