New Year’s resolutions often revolve around weight loss goals or self-improvement plans. A growing trend, however, also involves committing oneself to live a “greener” lifestyle. Regardless of your good intentions each year, it can be hard to stick to your resolutions. Most aren’t specific enough or are too difficult to achieve, and as a result, it is easy to allow them to fall by the wayside. For 2014, change things up a bit. Come up with a realistic resolution that will be good for both you and the Earth.

Brainstorm Possible Resolutions

There are so many things that you can do to live a greener life in the New Year. For example, you could commit yourself to eating local foods, try line drying your clothes or set up a solar panel system on your roof. You could start a little garden in your yard or decide to unplug your electronics each night before you head to bed. Before you do anything else, though, brainstorm all the possibilities that interest you. There are so many things you can do that will help the environment and have a positive impact on your life.

Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once

While there may be a whole host of things you hope to accomplish in 2014, trying to do them all is just going to be overwhelming. You probably won’t do anything well, which will lead to frustration. As a result, simply pick one or two things that you feel passionately about. For example, perhaps you want to recycle more and start bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. Both of those goals are specific and attainable and should help you live a greener live in 2014.

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Keep Track of Your Progress

Once you decide on your resolutions for the New Year, put them down on paper. Hang the paper up on the refrigerator of your Rush Realty Corp apartment so that you have a daily reminder of what you are striving for. And, find ways to keep yourself motivated. For example, keep track of how much you are recycling each week. Seeing your numbers rise and realizing how much trash you are keeping out of the landfill could be all you need to stay excited about your resolution throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you meet your goals or you do something significant to progress toward them. Indulge yourself at the spa or simply make a little time for yourself to relax and enjoy a good book. Taking a moment to pat yourself on the back will help you stay focused and excited about your journey.

It is possible to make, and keep, a New Year’s resolution. As we head into 2014, remember that there are a number of things that you can do to minimize your carbon footprint. At the same time, you can accomplish goals that are important to you personally as well. There is some truth to the saying that “there is no time like the present.” Make 2014 a year to remember!

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