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    Planet Earth is our home, and it’s important that we everything we can to protect it. Follow the latest Environment News to stay up to date on the issues having an impact on our planet and its ecosystems.

    The Future of Cleaning the Ocean

    An infographic on 6 innovative technologies that clean up the ocean while slowing down the flow of trash to the sea
    aluminum cans

    The Environmental and Financial Benefits of Recycling Metal

    Despite the many benefits that recycling brings, less than a third of all metal is collected and reused. Raising awareness of the advantages of metal recycling helps to encourage households to save sources of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum cans, tin cookware and copper wiring that are commonly found in the home.
    waste management

    How Improper Waste Removal Negatively Impacts the Environment

    An increase in pollution, soil contamination, solid waste and drainage in local communities, improper waste removal can negatively impact the environment in a number of ways. Some of these are discussed below.
    drinking water

    4 Contamination Sources Polluting Our Drinking Water

    Drinking contaminated water poses a great health risk. Here are some of surprising sources of water contamination.
    New York City

    The Low-Down on New York City, and if it Really is Going Green

    Everyday, global climate continues to break records in terms of temperature, with scientists now on a perpetual state of red alert. Moreover, the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental...

    5 Reasons Laser Technology is Better for the Environment

    While many people don’t associate laser technology with environmental health, lasers actually offer many ecological benefits over their competitors.

    5 Top Celebrity Champions for Green Living

    Green living is becoming a popular trend among A-list celebrities, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt. But we rarely fixate on their contributions to the natural world unless they are Jane Goodall or David Attenborough. Here are five top Hollywood celebrities doing good for all things green.

    Albatross: A Film About the Plastic We Feed to All Animals, No Matter How...

    The movie Albatross shows the heart-wrenching reality of the effects of ocean plastic, in even the most remote parts of the world. Plastic has been found in 9 out of 10 birds, indicating that there is no longer an area of the planet where this debris isn’t wreaking havoc.

    Animals Everywhere Take on the Night Shift

    A meta-study, conducted across 6 continents and including a total of 62 land mammals, found that species everywhere are more likely to act nocturnally in areas that have been disturbed by humans.

    Lightsource BP Finishes Its First Solar Project in India

    Lightsource BP has successfully finished its first utility-scale solar project in Maharashtra, India. The UK Solar Projects and Smart Energy Solutions Company was awarded the contract through a highly competitive (450MW) tender process that ended in September 2016.


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