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Climate Environment Featured ocean warming

How Rising Temperatures are Affecting Our Oceans

Our oceans are absorbing more heat from rising greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a cascade of effects, including sea level rise, ocean acidification, and coral bleaching. This article explores the far-reaching impacts of ocean warming and the urgent need for climate action.

Environment Technology remote education

Remote Education and the Environment: Is Online Learning More Eco-Friendly?

Remote education is becoming increasingly popular, but what is its impact on the environment? Some experts argue that online learning is more eco-friendly than traditional education, as it reduces the need for transportation, energy consumption, and physical resources. However, others argue that the environmental benefits of online learning are offset by the increased use of electronic devices and the carbon footprint associated with data storage and transmission.

Climate Environment Featured Guides carbon piracy

What is Carbon Piracy? [Explainer]

Carbon piracy is the unethical and exploitative practices of some carbon offsetting projects. It can harm indigenous communities, the environment, and accountability. Be sure to research and choose reputable projects when investing in carbon offsetting.

Business Environment Featured Guides environmental reporting

Breaking Down Environmental Reporting: A Beginner’s Guide

Environmental reporting is the disclosure of information about an organization’s environmental impacts. It is important for businesses to report on their environmental performance because it helps to:

– Increase transparency and accountability
– Engage stakeholders
– Identify and manage environmental risks
– Improve environmental performance

This blog post is a beginner’s guide to environmental reporting. It covers the basics of what it is, why it’s important, and how to get started.