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Ellen Page Reads a Chapter on the Freegan Lifestyle

Hollywood actress does the discarded food scrap diet. Would you try it? Academy Award winning actress Ellen Page (Inception, X-Men, Juno) took off to Oregon in between films to study...
Garth Britzman Plastic Art

Artist Garth Britzman Creates Art Out Of Plastic

American artist Garth Britzman has collaborated with University of Nebraska students to create a piece titled (POP)culture, made of plastic. The endeavor took 200 hours to make and is a temporary installation. "This...
food waste artwork

Food Artist Creates Art And Makes Statement About Food Waste

Artist Narcelio Grud from Brazil has created urban artwork out of discarded fruits and vegetables to raise awareness about food wastage. According to some statistics, people who live in...
London's eco friendly go kart track

Inside London’s Eco-Friendly Go-Karting Track

Although the sport of go-karting began getting noticed in the 1950s, it’s showed no signs of slowing down since then. The activity is popular not just in the United...
Stella McCartney

Fashion Weeks: Eco Fashion Roundup

“5 years ago, no one cared about sustainability” -Filippo Ricci, co-creator and curator of Estethica, the sustainable wing of London Fashion Week. It’s been hit and miss introducing sustainability into the...

Sundance, Brita, fun. and REVERB helping bands go green

The Brita FilterForGood program will teaming with fun.’s Nate Ruess and non-profit REVERB to convince 30 artists to commit reducing their waste while they tour. According to Brita, "these bands will receive...
Bicycle Art

Chinese Artist Makes Bicycle Installation

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has a new installation in  San Gimignano, Italy which is made of 760 bicycles. Considered to be one of China's most controversial artists, Weiwei's work is always filled with protesting political...

Why Hollywood Cares: Top 6 Environmental Movies

You’d be forgiven for thinking that LA, with its carbon emissions and dense fog, couldn’t give two hoots about the environment, climate change or global warming. You’d also be...
Robert Ballard

Join James Cameron, Jane Goodall and Robert Ballard in a Google+ Hangout Sunday

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society, Robert Ballard (who found the RMS Titanic in 1985), wild chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall, filmmaker James Cameron, and National Geographic explorers will be taking questions from...
Promised Land poster with Matt Damon

‘Promised Land’ Giveaway: Win a Blu-Ray and Soundtrack from Focus Features

To celebrate the release of Matt Damon’s new film Promised Land that deals with fracking in a small town, we have partnered with Focus Features for a giveaway. Simply...


baby nursery

4 Things to Consider when Planning an Eco-Friendly Nursery

These 4 design tips will help ensure your newborn is being kept safe and healthy in an eco-friendly nursery.
collect rainwater for environmentally friendly gardening

The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

In this article, we outline why every homeowner should have a rain barrel set up for rainwater harvesting, how to set up your rain barrel, and some of the best uses for rainwater once you collect it.

9 Food Waste Solutions That Are Basically Habits To Save The Earth

Food waste accounts for up to 29% of the amount of trash each year in the US. Here are 9 effective ways to reduce your food waste at home.

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What You Can (and Shouldn’t!) Burn in Your Fireplace

However you choose to while away the colder winter months, careful consideration of what to burn in the fireplace is one way to make greener choices.

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