You probably already know about the existence of “Ice Hotels”, whether it be from 007’s Die Another Day, or that cool Volvo commercial, but both of those are built in an area where the climate allows ice to stay frozen, without much help. Along comes Minus 5 Ice Lounge, who says they’re going to build one in Vegas at Mandalay Place where it’s, to say the least, pretty hard to keep ice from melting. Not only that, but they maintain that they’re going to be able to be environmentally responsible with their ice lounge by using a monitored amount of power, and imported ice from Canada and New Zealand to refrain from limiting the Las Vegas water supply. They’re also planning to promote the new “Adopt a Penguin” campaign to help preserve northern wildlife. It’s pretty hard to believe, but somewhere in the desert, you might just be able to throw on some mittens and gloves, grab a drink, and stay environmentally conscious while keeping cool.

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