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When people think of casinos it’s unlikely that one of the first things to cross their mind would be energy conservation, right?

Decadence perhaps, indulgence yes we can see that too – but there’s no doubt the amount of energy these buildings must use must be off the charts in comparison to other businesses.

Some of the fancier casinos have bright Neon lights, laser beams, water features that are constantly running and all kinds of other gimmicks that are designed to get people paying them a visit – but could this change?

Instead of all of these mechanical animals and bright lights these would be replaced by the likes solar systems and rain harvesters to conserve as much energy as possible.

Of course, there has been recent concerns of glaciers melting and the rise of the sea levels, but this doesn’t mean this is what has made them arrive at the new train of thought.

Casinos that offer systems that will reduce the amount of energy used and the amount of wasted water will go down much better with the state when they are making their decision.

Chip Tuttle, CEO of Suffolks Downs, wants to build a casino at the East Boston estate worth over a massive $1 billion, so you can see how much is at stake.  Commenting on the prospective project he said:

“It is a little bit counterintuitive, the idea of a green casino, but we realized we have an opportunity to set the bar for sustainability not just in Massachusetts, but in the United States and around the world.”

Of course he feels that by introducing this new kind of casino that it would influence others to do the same moving forward and who knows it could be right!  The new plans include a rooftop garden where they will be growing fruit and vegetables to be used at their restaurants, and in an attempt to attract environmentally friendly travellers a bicycle valet, that’s definitely a novel idea!

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This company was the very first one to suggest this kind of casino but there were others not too far behind them that aren’t just as equally green but even more so, so he has some tough competition.

Another competitor has promised that there would be innovative technologies including recycling systems for unused water, solar panels to control garages as well as areas for people who own electric cars to get charged up!

There’s no way you can deny their commitment.

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