The Best Documentaries on Climate Change to Watch Right Now

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In a world where Instagram stories and TikTok trends take center stage, it’s refreshing to see the growing popularity of documentaries that tackle the urgent issue of climate change. These thought-provoking films are like a wake-up call, urging us to face the reality of our changing Planet and take meaningful steps toward a sustainable future.

From breathtaking landscapes to captivating interviews with leading experts and activists, these documentaries capture the essence of our environmental challenges and showcase the power of collective action.

Climate change documentaries showcasing our planet's beauty

They present complex scientific concepts in a digestible and relatable manner, making it easier to grasp the magnitude of the climate crisis. Through these documentaries, we gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between our actions, the environment, and the future of our Planet.

We are a generation that values purpose, impact, and making a difference. These documentaries provide us with the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to drive change. They fuel our desire to challenge the status quo, question unsustainable practices, and embrace innovative solutions that will preserve our Planet for generations.

Let’s dive right in.

A Life on Our Planet (2020)

A Life on Our Planet is a Netflix documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough that looks back on the natural world and how it has changed over the course of Attenborough’s life.

The film explores the impact of human activity on the environment and offers a glimpse of what the future could hold if we don’t take action to protect our Planet.

The film is divided into four chapters: “The First People,” “The Great Acceleration,” “The Age of the Anthropocene,” and “The Future.” In each chapter, Attenborough reflects on how humans have impacted the natural world and offer his thoughts on how we can change our ways.

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A Life on Our Planet is a sobering film that highlights our Planet’s challenges. However, it is also an inspiring film that shows that we can still make a difference. If we all work together, we can create a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

The True Cost (2015)

The True Cost documentary explores fast fashion’s environmental and human costs. The film follows the journey of a garment from its creation to its disposal, revealing the hidden costs of our obsession with cheap clothing.

The documentary is an eye-opening film that shows how our choices about what we wear can devastate the Planet and the people who make our clothes.

It is available to rent or purchase on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

Our Planet (2019)

Our Planet is a Netflix documentary series narrated by David Attenborough that showcases the beauty of the natural world and the threats it faces from climate change. The series uses stunning cinematography to capture the diversity of life on Earth, from the tiniest insects to the largest whales.

It also shows how climate change impacts different ecosystems, from the melting Arctic to the rising sea levels in the tropics. Our Planet is a powerful reminder of the beauty and fragility of our Planet, and it is a call to action to protect it.

The second season will be available on Netflix on June 14th.

2040 (2019)

2040 is a documentary film that imagines a future where climate change has been solved. The film is narrated by Damon Gameau, who travels the world to find solutions to climate change.

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He meets with scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, and others working to create a more sustainable future. 2040 is an inspiring film showing that creating a better future for ourselves and the Planet is possible.

A Plastic Ocean (2016)

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary that explores the devastating impact and effects of plastic pollution on our oceans. The film follows journalist Craig Leeson and freediver Tanya Streeter as they travel the world to document the plastic pollution problem.

They meet with scientists, researchers, and activists working to solve the problem and learn how plastic harms marine life and ecosystems. A Plastic Ocean is a powerful wake-up call that shows how our use of plastic is having a devastating impact on our Planet.

It is available to rent or purchase on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

Cowspiracy (2014)

This documentary explores the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The film follows filmmaker Kip Andersen as he investigates the hidden impact of animal agriculture on climate change, water pollution, and deforestation.

He interviews experts and scientists and uncovers the truth about the environmental impact of our food choices. Cowspiracy is a powerful wake-up call that shows how our choices about what we eat can devastate our Planet.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

Before the Flood (2016)

Before the Flood is a documentary that follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world to interview scientists, politicians, and other experts about the dangers of climate change.

The film shows climate change’s devastating impact on our Planet and warns that we must act now to prevent further damage.

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It is available to stream on Netflix.

Chasing Ice (2012)

Chasing Ice is a documentary that follows photographer James Balog as he travels to Iceland, Greenland, and Alaska to document the effects of climate change on glaciers.

Balog sets up time-lapse cameras to capture the glaciers as they melt, and the resulting images are stunning and heartbreaking.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

Chasing Coral (2017)

Chasing Coral is a documentary that follows a team of scientists and filmmakers as they document the rapid bleaching and death of coral reefs around the world. The film uses time-lapse photography to capture the devastating impact of climate change on these vital ecosystems.

The film features interviews with leading scientists and policymakers. Chasing Coral is a powerful wake-up call that shows the urgency of climate change and the importance of taking action to protect our oceans.

Chasing Coral is available to stream on Netflix. Also, on YouTube.

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