2016 Rio Olympic Village

The Olympic Committee responsible for planning the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has recently announced the winner of the International Competition for the Rio 2016 Olympic Park Urban Masterplan, and the winning design by AECOM is not only inspired by Brazil’s rainforest and the environment, it is also a showcase of sustainable building and eco-community development.


Inspired by the Environment

Of the award winning design, the Olympic planners had this to say:

In terms of legacy that the project will leave to the city, the highlights referred to environmental preservation, the maintenance feasibility and the preservation of the lagoon.

Check out the video below to see the stunning features of the preliminary design.

The future of the 2016 Olympic Village

Some Olympic villages are designed with short-term purposes in mind – however, the 2016 Summer Olympic Village has already been envisioned as a stepping stone to a larger community area, post-Olympics. Check out the images below to see the plans for the area during the Olympics, and after.

During the Olympics

Rio Olympic Village during Olympics

After the Olympics

Rio Olympic Village - Post Olympics

This gorgeous design is not guaranteed to be exactly what is built, but based on the choices made so far there is a very good chance the 2016 Olympic Village will be very green, and a model for future Olympic Villages for years to come.


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