stove man

A new web series called Stoveman, presented by the Paradigm Project, is featuring a mission of two gents named Greg and Austin trying to distribute 5 million cook stoves to people in need. The first episode called Woodwalk (which you can watch below) shows the pair traveling to Northern Kenya where they experience first-hand the conditions of a much different culture and ecosystems – and in this case, walking miles to find wood to cook with.

The biggest problem with the Kenyans’ current way of cooking is the amount of wood required to cook a few meals. It results in deforestation of the landscape, and respiratory problems in the women who have to stand over wood fires cooking for hours each day.

The solution to these environmental and health problems, according to Stoveman (Greg), is an efficient cook stove (dubbed the ‘Rocket Stove’) that burns wood more efficiently and cuts down toxic smoke by 50%.

Watch the first episode of Stoveman below:

What did you think of Stoveman? If you want to help Greg and Austin’s mission of distributing cook stoves to people in need, be sure to visit the Paradigm Project and fund a stove.


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