turtle incredible journey

This weekend, a new film presented by SeaWorld Pictures is beginning its limited release theatrical run across the United States. The movie, called Turtle: The Incredible Journey, follows the life of a loggerhead turtle, from its hatching, to its migration, to its maturity. Check out the trailer below, and you’ll agree that some of the video shots in the movie look absolutely incredible:

This great environmentally themed film will be sure to show a different side of turtles to kids and adults alike, and is shot in locations around the world starting in Florida and the Gulf Stream, to the Arctic, North Atlantic, Africa, and back again.

The film is opening this weekend in standard and 3D formats in New York, L.A., San Diego, Orlando, and San Antonio, with more cities screening the film in the coming weeks. Visit turtle-film.com to find out if the film will be playing in your city in the coming weeks, and if it is, be sure to check it out.

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